Bowel Disorders

30 Day Colon Cleanse
Posted by Cat (Austin, Tx) on 02/26/2013
5 out of 5 stars

If easily grossed out, don't read this!

Attempting a 30 day colon cleanse, not eating at all but drinking nothing but freshly made, veggie/fruit juices (not smoothies) 3 times a day, gave me the best colon cleanse of my 33 year old life. I only made it to 21 days before my body said, "get to a toilet, it's coming! " Luckily I was home preparing lunch so I made it in the nic of time. I'll tell ya, the black tarry substance that came from my body for a full 30 minutes was unbelievably slimy, smelly and ample; so gross and ample that I had to keep flushing the toilet so it wouldn't clog and my family rushed around opening all the windows. I believe this was my body expelling a LIFE'S worth of crud -- coating & festuring inside my colon. To facilitate this "slide cleanse, " every other day I took an enamas (32 oz of warm water and 1Tab Apple Cidar Vinegar or lemon juice). I recently read that Elvis' and John Wayne's autopsies extracted over 35 lbs of fecal matter. That about fits it! But, in the end, my results were astounding! Better eysight and hearing, clearer skin, a child's sense of happiness, lbs lost, and a clean colon. Immediatly after the colon release, I felt incredibly hungry as if my body was signaling me, "eat, NOW! " I stupidly reched for the nearest junk my family was eating and yeah, blew it! You might think it hard to go that long without eating, but after the 3rd day, I was not hungry, tempted sometimes, but not hungry. It helped that I did all our cooking AT HOME and drinking my meal while cooking for my family helped with "smell temptations. " I also reminded myself that 30 days out of my intended long life was not a big deal. I really enjoyed making the many differant juices from Dr. Walker's juice book (I now use others that I have acquired since then). So, after years now of healthy AND sometimes freely eating, I feel it is time for another cleansing. I'm planning one for March 2013 when their are no celebrations on my calendar. I'll concentrate more on veggies and less on sweet fruit this time around as I now have 60 lbs to lose & pre-diabetic. I'll also be smarter and eat whole fruits and vegtables instead of veggie pizza as my first meal afterward. :) Peace out, Cat