How to Treat Blurry Eyes Naturally

Eyebright Tincture
Posted by Lawrence (Colorado And S California) on 10/01/2020

I'm surprised no one has posted this, but my own left eye has been blurry now for a year or more.

I have tried several Holistic protocols, however, eye bright tincture has brought the best results.

In my case, I believe that the cataracts I was told I have (had! )were at least possibly caused by "trash" in my eye (left only). But after 60 to 65 drops two to three times a day of oral ingestion for about two months my cloudiness got worse. I assumed that I was detoxing that eye and after a few days OFF the Tincture, I noticed the cloudiness was diminishing.

I'm planning on a new vision exam and anticipate a result that says the Cataracts are dissipating.

I also believe that a good Grade of Fish Liver oil (one Tblsp/day will help cleanse the eyes.

Please keep in mind that trash build up in eyes doesn't occur overnight and it will NOT go away overnight either.