How to Treat Blurry Eyes Naturally

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 09/25/2020
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Hi there!

My 82 year old mother in law fell last fall. She cut her forehead above her left eye. Subsequently her eye got very infected. She ended up in the hospital on IV antibiotics. Ever since then, her eye has not been "right." (No pun intended.) She fell shortly after the eye incident and broke her shoulder and femur and was in a nursing home and rehab for months. We moved her in with us from the nursing home 2 months ago.

Between her dementia, all the distraction with her broken leg, and then Covid concerns (we weren't able to see her for 3 months), the eye issue became secondary, to say the least.

I took her to the eye doctor a couple of weeks ago to get her glasses prescription updated. That is when I realized she basically can't see out of her left eye because it is so blurry. Nothing was immediately apparent to the optometrist. He referred us to an ophthalmologist. He said she had some scar tissue from a previous cataracts surgery and he used a laser to remove it and prescription steroid eye drops. Well, it didn't improve her vision at all. And the eye drops made her eye feel "heavy."

Her eye does itch and she rubs it a lot. It gets red and irritated. I always assume its some sort of infection and I do use colloidal silver gel on it. One dose of that topically and it usually clears right up, but its temporary.

Today I tried one drop of Visine allergy eye drops. Again, that seemed a temporary fix to the red and itchy eye.

But nothing touches the blurry issue. I could take her to another doctor, but she is in a wheelchair and has COPD and she is a high risk for Covid. I really prefer to minimize taking her out.

I thought I would throw this out there and see if anyone has any ideas for what this could be and what I might do for her.

She reads a lot and does word searches. Her eyesight is very important to her. Its one of the few things she has left!

Thanks you guys!

~Mama to Many~