How to Treat Blurry Eyes Naturally

Posted by Caitlin (Austin, Texas) on 02/21/2014

I get tired of carrots, but they work!

My mother (late 80's with near perfect far vision and only using reading glasses), upon hearing that my vision was off said that the 'old folks' she grew up with recommended eating a carrot every day and your vision would improve. Well, every day for the past 2 weeks, I've grated just 1/4 of a carrot into my smoothie mixture.

End result: my vision has definitely improved to such an extent that I'm reading 1 size smaller letters than before and this, without my reading glasses. And, my vision is not so blurry.

Natural remedies such as eye exercises and carrots may take time, but they CAN, over time, work to fix what ails us! Astounding advice from my mother! Thanks MoM, CAT