How to Treat Blurry Eyes Naturally

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Naturalwoman57 (Usa) on 01/07/2021
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Lynda (Reno, Nv) 1-7-2021 I just tried this remedy for my dry itchy eyes. There was a little bit of stinging (no big deal for me) - the itching stopped immediately. Extra bonus for me is that my sinuses opened up. Thank you for posting!!!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Lynda (Reno, Nv) on 07/30/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Eye Irritation? or Bacterial infection? cured with Apple Cider Vinegar & distilled water

Woke up with a very sore eye, blurry vision, itchy and just painfully annoying! It was (naturally on a Friday when the local eye doc was closed) so knowing I did not have an appt until Monday afternoon I started researching and found the Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother cure for "pink eye" which I doubt I have/had (will find out tomorrow at the Optometrist appt). My upper eyelid is very red and dry and scaley and as said above the eyeball was also hurting.

So I followed a YouTube video where the lady put 2 capfuls into a large bowl and started rinsing her open eye ..... I did it 3x and each time followed with the Refresh gel drops the OD's office suggested. The $13 drops just made my eyes worse. So I finally decided like many others to just use the ACV water combo.

I used 2 capfuls of the apple cider vinegar in 1/2 gallon of DISTILLED water in a large bowl. Washed both of my hands thoroughly and with my hands and eyes open over my bathroom sink, started splashing the water into my eyes.....well here I am 36 hours later and my eyes are 100% better, no more symptoms. I am keeping the OD appt as I need to find out what is wrong with the top outside of my eyelid....eczema? or blepharitis?

I tossed out all my old eye makeup and brushes....bought new and will continue these vinegar eyewashes but in smaller amounts....

.I am now using 1 capful which measures to be 1 tsp vinegar into a STERILIZED (rinsed out with boiling water) cereal bowl with 1 1/4 cup of DISTILLED water. Have a wash cloth handy ..... after washing your hands lean over the sink and start splashing the water into your open eyes (both just to be certain) use the clean dry wash cloth to pat the eyes dry. Miracle cure for sure!!