How to Treat Blurry Eyes Naturally

B Vitamins
Posted by Connie (Slc, Ut) on 09/01/2011

Hi Francisca and all who would like to save their vision ;

I'm going to offer a suggestion that may help, or at worst, it won't hurt. The B vitamins, B6, Folate, and B12 have shown to at least improve the eye conditions of : optic neuropathy, glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, and visual acuity. They have helped me with dry eyes, blurred vision, and double vision. Although I have taken a large variety of B-complexes and individual B's for over 25 yrs., I found that they didn't work well until I began taking the sublingual lozenge of methylcobalamin, Mb -12. It is a natural form of B12 that is more easily available for the body to use. 1000 mcg. Daily may be a good possible dosage for eye health. ( It has also helped my years long lower back pain and sleep disturbance among many other conditions). But, it can take many months to see improvements, even over a year. It may be worth some consideration.