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Posted by Bruce (San Francisco) on 01/04/2017

As a small boy, I had frequent nosebleeds most commonly in the mountains or in dry deserts. As time progressed, so did my nosebleeds. I am 55 and even in San Francisco at sea level with 50% humidity I am still getting them. I was tested and confirmed to have a low platelet count.

My biggest frustration is when the bleeds occurred. I had no control: at a business presentation, friends party, or the beginning of a family trip. Once I get them I would pinch to get it stopped and rest quietly for the next few days with no activity. I would go to the Ear / nose / throat doctor 10 times a year and have had at least 20 different bleeders cauterized.

The good news, is, with trial and error over the last 4 years, I have found a home remedy, safe, and easy to manage.

Initially I assumed my trigger point was humidity. So, for years I tried ointments and saline sprays, but I still got the nosebleeds. I tried drinking more water 80 ounces a day (I am a 165 lb person) to be better hydrated, not much help.

One day I had a big client meeting and worried as my sinus felt dry. I decided to look at what my doctor sees in my nose. I purchased a small 3” convex compact mirror that has 15 x magnification and a high intensity pen light. This was unbelievable. It was the beginning to finding the solution. You may need to get a nose hair trimmer to see more clearly. You now can at any time, (I do this every morning before work) take a look in the mirror and see if there is a possible nose bleed that may occur in the next several hours .

You can determine if there are dry scabs which make break away to cause a bleed; you can also see the healthy tissue. I was now able to decide my activity for the day based on how the tissues look. Pink and moist : excellent, not to worry. Scabs evident and dry: trouble .

With the mirror and flashlight, I could now experiment. I tried the saline spray, ointments, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, etc. Nothing really made a difference. Red wine the night before, you bet, lots of scabs in the morning. Interestingly, the scabs seemed to be more evident in the early morning and as the day progressed, the scabs got smaller.

Randomly one day I had severely bloody spots in my nose. I drank an 18 ounce Gatorade, and about 1 hour later and I looked into my nose again, the bloody spots were GONE! All these years I assumed it was the outside environment; at the end of the day, it was internal hydration. Gatorade has sugar, salt, potassium, magnesium which give you electrolytes and somehow it was able to hydrate me unlike plain water.

Because of all the sugar in Gatorade, I came across a product and I swear by them. They are small tablets that come in a sleeve which I keep in my overnight bag (along with an extra mirror and pen light). They are ½ the cost of Gatorade and they have NO SUGAR. I play squash, swim, and run regularly, and these tablets are fantastic energy as well. The electrolytes make a significance in my endurance.

Now, Anytime I see scabs in my mirror, I take a tablet in a 12 ounce of water and in one hour, I am safe to play in any activity, even at elevations, or dry deserts.

So, to finish this story with a happy ending, it has been over 2 years, and I have not had a single nose bleed. Anytime I am flying longer than 3 hours, hiking in the mountains, I take my electrolyte tablet.

I wish you all the best and I hope this story can help you reduce or even eliminate your nosebleeds too.

Replied by Kay

I travel with a guy who always carries the small cans of v8 juice. I never saw him drink them, so asked why? He said if ever someone has a health issue (dizzy, heart, sugar) they should immediately drink a can--it provides all the needed electrolytes and you can get started without an iv. Can't hurt, so why not keep this in your bag of tricks.

Replied by Trish

What electrolyte tablets are you using and where do you get them?

(Southern California)
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I was left wondering the same thing, so I looked up & found an article that explains what to look for in such a product, & how to recognize those that are inferior:

Replied by Bruce


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Posted by Usopp (Cranbrook, Bc) on 01/16/2012

On a FULL stomach - finely cut up a clove of garlic (raw is the only way I do this) swallow it down. (I put it on a spoon and add a bit of syrup on top & drink it down with milk. That Ends my nosebleeds.

Note: If your stomach starts to burn then you did not have enough food in to be a sponge from the acid in the garlic. So then just quickly eat bread and sip milk till it goes away. (I have done this before! ) milk coats the stomach and the bread is a great sponge.

Replied by Sophia

Yes, I learned this the hard way- NEVER eat raw garlic on an empty stomach. I just lost all my breakfast and vitamins I took after eating raw garlic, first. Should have been last!

Replied by Roger
(Essexville, MI)

Another site says stop taking garlic and cayenne for nose bleeds.

Geranium Essential Oil

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Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 09/24/2014

This evening my three year old was playing on a bed and tumbled off and hit his face on a chair. He had a terrible nosebleed from it. It may be the worst nosebleed I have ever seen. He had blood coming out of his nose and his mouth. I held him and wiped up blood with clean clothes (trying to stay very calm, since I know my reaction will affect him, all the while wondering if I should take him to Urgent Care or the ER...little ones bleeding can be scary! ) The blood just kept coming. I thought of cayenne pepper, but knew that would really upset him. The Lord kindly reminded me of Geranium Essential Oil. My daughter went to get that, and the Lavender Essential Oil. I put a drop of Geranium Essential Oil on his forehead with my finger and also wiped what was left on his nose and cheeks. I put another drop on my finger and held it to the roof of his mouth. In less than 60 seconds, the bleeding stopped. It was amazing. I was so grateful! I put some Lavender on him also as it is soothing.

I was still watching him carefully. I tried to put ice on his forehead/nose, but he didn't like that. He really wanted me to take off his bloody clothes. So I changed him and gave him some smoothie I had in the fridge. (He said his mouth hurt...I guess from the oil. I wouldn't normally use it straight or internally but was wanting to act quickly. I don't think it burned him but I think he didn't like the taste.) In 15 minutes he was riding his scooter on the porch.

At bedtime he has a couple of small red marks on his nose, but no bruise. Geranium is good to prevent bruises and goose eggs, too. I need to put some in my purse. I never want to be without geranium!

Had he acted oddly during the evening or had excessive swallowing, I would have taken him in to be seen, but he seemed quite himself. (Excessive swallowing can be an indication that there is still bleeding happening.)

Yea for Geranium Essential Oil!

~Mama to Many~

Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia

Posted by Antonina (Miami, Fl, United States) on 11/01/2012

Since I was 13 I have been having nosebleeds due to a hereditary disease called HHT, Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia, also known as Osler Weber Rendu syndrome. Primarily the symptoms are nosebleeds, however there are complications internally which have no symptoms. These telangiectasias or vascular malformations can be located in the lungs, brain, liver or gi tract. They are known as AVM's. I have been successful with using the ice pack method applied in the neck to stop the nosebleed. I have also taken cold orange juice at the onset and it helps stop the bleeding. The cayenne pepper has been the best because it prevents having the nosebleed and if I do have one its duration is very short. I would like to recommend anyone that has frequent nosebleeds especially if it is in the family to check out more info on HHT. This disorder is "more than a nosebleed". Thanks for all the great information on your site.


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Posted by Jenna (Gold Coast, Australia) on 09/22/2008

I got bloody noses my whole childhood, particularly due to change of weather. The solution that always worked for me was to put an ice pack or couple of ice cubes wrapped in a tea towel to the side of the nose and wrap the rest of the nose in a tissue or the tea towel to soak up the blood. I suppose it made the veins retract. Either way it always worked.

Jello or Gelatin

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Posted by Don (Penrose, Co U.s.a.) on 07/30/2011

For long term cure for bloody noses and even bursting blood vessils eat Jello or Jell-well gelatin every day for 2 weeks. It will probably show benifits in 2 days. Did this treatment 45 years ago and the only bloody nose I've had since was getting hit hard in the nose.


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Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 06/15/2021

My GF daughter who is 14 years old started having chronic nose bleeds. Her diet sucks. Nothing but fast food junk. She never goes outside. Pale skin with no vitamin D. I put her on a good multi-vitamin 2x/daily One A Day Women's Multivitamin Tablets, Multivitamins for Women that I bought at wal-mart. After 3 weeks, her nose bleeds have disappeared.

Each tablet contains Vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, E, and K, Riboflavin, Thiamin, Niacin, Folic Acid, Pantothenic Acid, Iodine, Copper, Biotin, Iron, Selenium, Chromium, Calcium, Zinc, and Manganese. One A Day Women's Multivitamin is ideal for women who are proactive about their health.

Old Chinese Remedy to Stop a Bloody Nose!

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Posted by GT (Vero beach, Florida) on 08/24/2007

Old chinese meds method of stopping a bloody nose. I have used this many times: Take a snipet of your own hair or someone elses hair. Burn this to ashes, mix with a drop of water into a paste. Apply on top of the nose not in the nose. Bleeding stops in seconds!

Push on Gums Over Top Front Teeth

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Posted by Tonia (Ten Mile, Tennessee) on 09/25/2007

As a child I used to get nose bleeds every time I got too hot. It happened once while standing in line at an amusement park. Luckily there was a nurse in front of me and she had me hold my head back and push on my gums over my two front top teeth. The bleeding stopped almost instantly and after that the nose bleeds came less often. Now it's very rare for me to have one at all.

Replied by Chriss
(Decatur, IL)

Bloody nose-my son has been blessed with my nose bleeds. After the second one tonight I found your site, my old tricks just weren't working. I tried the cold rag on the neck and pushed on his upper gums at the same time. In less than a minute the bleeding had stopped. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am printing the whole page for future reference.

Replied by Shelly
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I tried this and it worked almost immediately. How does that happen?

(Illinois, USA)
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This is very interesting as the point you're pressing is GV26 (acupuncture/acupressure point). GV stands for "Governing Vessel" and GV 26 is known as "the center of a person" and commonly used for many issues in many emergency rooms outside the scope of the western "medicine" machine.

Sesame Oil

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Posted by Marsh (Colorado) on 04/03/2021

Anterior nosebleeds began in the Fall when blowing my nose. Tried humidifiers, and a creme the Dr prescribed that caused them to be more severe (still not bad but more than a little blood like before). I read that ayurvedic medicine recommends Sesame Oil.

Started about 2 weeks ago, applying 3-4 times/day and definitely at night. No bleeds! This week I got a little confidant and was only applying 1-2/day. The bleed returned.

Will try the little tabs and tomato juice mentioned in Bruce's electrolyte post from 2017. Thanks!

Replied by Charity
(faithville, Us)

Nose bleeds, use Vicks brand ointment on Q tip in the nose to keep from being dry or chapped. Make sure foods or medicines are not thinning your blood too much. Many spices and foods are blood thinners. Water and mineral salt balance affects mucus and blood thickness. I used to drink lots of water but not much salt. I learned the hard way. Most minerals have a salt form. I'm still learning. : )

Replied by HisJewel
(New York)

Hello Marsh from Colorado,

Blackstrap Molasses is what I use for nose bleeds. Last year in the height of COVID I shared this one with some friends who had nose bleeds. I usually heat the water, a cup will do, and stir in a pinch of baking soda. it usually works first time around. if not the second day should do it.



Thanks Charity & Jewel, I tried the BMS and assessed foods and spices. It turned out to be an enlarge blood vessel. If there's anyone out there who has suggestions on how to avoid in the future, please post!

Sniff Cinnamon

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Posted by Artemis3044 (Bismrack, ND) on 06/01/2009

I started having nose bleeds, again. My brother told me to sniff a little cinnamon and that would stop it and clot it. It worked.

Sniff Water

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Posted by Peter (Koforidua, Ghana. West Africa) on 08/14/2011

During my school days I could sit out of class for hours with a nose bleed, 3 time a week. I've had my nose cauterised about 8 times, still it bleed. My doctor told me I was making to much blood, when I became 18 go to the blood donors, I did and bingo no more nose bleeds, he did say if it does come through your nose it will come out else where. Before I was 18 I tried many things, ice on the back of the neck, nip the bridge of your nose, nothing worked for me, then someone told me to sniff water up your nose, well I tried it and it worked every time. its not very pleasent, the first few times, but if your out and about, its one way to stop it.

Vitamin C With Rose Hips

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Posted by Kathi (Brooksville, Fl, Usa) on 11/28/2009

I'm now in my late 50's. When I was a kid I had terrible nosebleeds, a few so bad they required an emergency trip to the doctor. My dad read about vitamin C with rose hips, and started giving that to me. I never had another nosebleed after that. He passed on that info to some other people who's kids had that problem, and it worked for them, as well. You may not be able to find the rose hips, vitamin C with bioflavinoids also works just fine. The bioflavinoids strengthen the blood vessels--this supplement also helps with excessive bruising.

White Vinegar

Posted by Grace (Upland, Ca, Usa) on 05/03/2011

My toddler has been suffering with bloody noses since last year. After getting her nose cauterized last year unsuccessfully I opted to find out more natural ways of curing this problem or at least alleviating it since the cauterization by an ENT specialist was so traumatizing (she was awake). I have a natural remedy book of cures that stated distilled White Vinegar would help to naturally cauterize the broken blood vessel in her nose causing the bloody nose. So I dipped a small piece of cotton ball (enough to tightly fit in her nose) with the White Vinegar and stuck it up her nostril that often bleeds for around 5 minutes. It seems to have worked for around 6 months until she hit her nose again pretty bad. So did this again yesterday after getting another bloody nose. It seems to work but might have to do it more than once. Since it smells strong and burns a little bit she only lets me put it in her nostril for no more than a few minutes. I think they suggested 10-15 minutes for adults. The humidifier at night seems to help as well!! Good luck!

Witch Hazel

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Posted by Donna (Allen, Tx) on 04/27/2015

Witch Hazel on a q-tip put directly on the inner membrane of the nose helps stop the bleeding of a bloody nose almost immediately. One to 2 applications is all it takes. My daughter gets a bloody nose on almost a weekly basis. Works every time.

Replied by Ms. V

Hi Donna

Amazing! Thank God for resolve to stop the nosebleeds. I'm certain that your daughter is over-joyed! I'm so glad to view your post on a home remedy, "Witch Hazel" to stop nose bleeding.A Nosebleed can be very embarrassing and irritating, especially when it occurs suddenly, out-of-nowhere.


Replied by Timh
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In addition to Witchazel, I cured recurring or frequent nosebleeds w/ one or two topical applications of Cod Liver Oil, indicating a Vit-A deficiency (also started taking A-gelcaps). Eggs & Butter are the two main sources of naturally occurring or preformed Vit-A.

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