Bloody Nose Remedies

Cause of Nose Bleeds
Posted by Msv (Va) on 04/28/2015


I started having a light nosebleed last spring, I-4 times. It subsided and began this past March 2015, but got heavier. My PC finally referred me to "ENT" after I pressed the issue of something being wrong. I'm not a smoker or use alcohol, etc. My intake has been healthy for years, this shouldn't be happening. I visited an "ENT" (ear, nose, throat) physician today. The visit was much needed; the doctor found that I had one enlarged blood-vessel in my right nostril. The doctor performed treatment, then sealed/capped the vessel. Dryness causes the vessel to enlarge.

There are many causes of nosebleeds, don't diagnose your condition! If anyone suffers with this agitation, please, get to an "ENT" clinic or inform your PC so he/she can refer you.

Pay attention to your body changes. Don't delay your health!

God Bless :)