Bloody Nose Remedies

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee, Usa) on 08/05/2015

One of my teenage sons was getting frequent nose bleeds. Sometimes daily and they seemed to come on for no reason. I encouraged him to start taking a spoonful of blackstrap molasses each day. He is really good about taking stuff if he thinks it will help. For months he has been taking Blackstrap Molasses almost daily. We realized yesterday that he does not get nosebleeds anymore. Can we be positive this is why? Well, no, but I think it is quite likely.

This son knows the benefits of blackstrap. He feeds it to his goats when they are low on iron. They also drink more water when he puts blackstrap in it, which is great in the summer to keep them well hydrated. We even saw it restore the color of the coat of an older goat when taken over a number of weeks.

~Mama to Many~