Blocked Ear Cures

Dietary Changes
Posted by Craig (Albany, Or) on 10/30/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I write this in the hope that someone else might benefit from my experience.

Nine years ago, I started having severe pain in both ears. They were also clogged and ringing. Whenever I lay down, I would get vertigo.

I was unable to sleep in a bed, and could manage a few hours of sleep only by propping myself up on a couch. I was unable to work, and took one sick day after another (hoping that I wouldn't be fired). After seeing a number of doctors, each of whom looked into my ears and found nothing, I took a friend's advice and went to the Mayo Clinic.

After two days of testing, the ENT doctor walked into the room, looked at my chart results on the computer, and said, "All I can think is that it's a food allergy".

What?? No other doctor had ever suggested that. Anyway, that's how I discovered that I'm allergic to legumes, which I had been eating in earnest as a protein replacement for meat (no good deed goes unpunished).

All by way of saying that what we eat can have a devastating effect on our health in ways that are virtually unimaginable.

Even healthy food.