Natural Remedies to Support Bladder Cancer Treatment

Carrot Juice
Posted by Kewpie (California) on 09/21/2016

I had a similar situation as Candace...all the signs of bladder cancer with no other explanation such as UTI, kidney stones, etc. Had an ultrasound and nothing was found. So they scheduled a scope and I was worried and I was in a lot of pain for months. Like you I wanted to cure it before something was found and they pressured me into their treatments. In an effort to cure myself, I put off the scope twice, extending my self treatment to 5 or 6 months. I already knew about Gerson and had seen a youtube video of Jay Kordich who cured his bladder cancer with carrot juice and granny smith apples. Googling bladder cancer and carrot juice led me to more information from a woman who describes her treatment by juicing 5 lbs of carrots a day. A man tried it as well and claimed it cured his bladder cancer. And when I looked further into it I learned there is an anti-cancer substance called farinicol found only in carrots. So thats what I did - I drank 5 lbs of carrot juice a day, cut out all other sugars, and took a teaspoon of baking soda in water in the morning. My skin turned orange, especially my hands. Having 2 young children I was very worried and didn't share with anyone what I feared. Drinking the carrot juice became somewhat addictive as my bladder would stop hurting when I drank it. After a while I was feeling better and not having much pain. I finally went in for the scope. When I got there they gave me a urinalysis and I became immediately hopeful when no microscopic blood was detected. This had not happened on the prior 6 urinalysis in the past year. The scope itself was painful but lucky for me it showed I was clear. I can't prove it, but I think I cured myself. The only alternate diagnosis I can come up with is Interstitial cystitis ( I am a medical provider.) I have not continued drinking the carrot juice regularly. Fortunately, I haven't had symptoms since but if I think I am getting any symptoms I will drink carrot juice again.