Natural Cures for Blackheads

Castor Oil
Posted by Carolyn (Northwest, OH) on 11/08/2008
5 out of 5 stars

My husband has been plagued with blackheads. I just looked past them, of course but he couldn't. Pore strips were painful and didn't get all the pores clean cause the gunk was in too deep. I did a little research and found that blackheads are oxidized (rancid) oil in the pore and will not be washed out no matter how much scrubbing with soap you do. You must dissolve the oil in the pore with oil! Castor oil works best. Here's what you do:

Smear a thin layer of castor oil onto the nose/blackhead plagued area right before you take a shower. Use nice hot water to steam the pores. Exfoliate as much as you can with a washcloth or body poof towards the end of the shower.

It will take several applications to dissolve the blackheads. After they are gone, it is easy to keep pores clean by repeating the castor oil treatment regularly to dissolve any oil before it turns rancid. My husband's nose looks clean and healthy now!

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