Recovering from Birth Control Pill Side Effects

Plan B
Posted by aarogers1 (FL) on 06/20/2022

Hello. Hoping someone has gone through something similar as to what I am going through right now. Any advice or suggestions would be helpful. Please be kind.

Back story... On June 1 my husband and I had sex, we didn't realize the condom broke during sex. We already have two wonderful kids and my husband and I do not want any more kids. SO we drove down to CVS and picked up Plan B, my first time ever taking Plan B. Oh what a BIG MISTAKE THAT WAS!

On 6/5 I started having little bit of spotting, nothing major. Which I expected. Which lasted about 3/4days. On day 8 woke up with heavy bleeding, even small blood clots. Which I expected as well. Me thinking its my period. Now as of today 06/20, I am still having heavy bleeding with bigger blood clots and no ending in sight to this bleeding. I know Plan B can throw your menstrual cycle off ect, but I dont think I should be having this much bleeding. I did call my OBGYN and they won't see me until 06/29. I don't want to go to the Er but if I have to, then I have to.

Is there anything I can do to stop whatever is going on with my body that Plan B screwed up? I will never ever take Plan B again. I am not having any pain, nausea, dizziness, just heavy bleeding. Has anyone gone through this? And bleed for this long? From what I read online some women can bleed for up to a month.

Any advice? Very desperate for any help!