Natural Cures for Bilary Reflux

| Modified on Jan 23, 2022

As complex as the digestive system is, it is constantly at risk for malfunction. One issue that is relatively common among people of all ages is biliary reflux. If you are suffering with this condition, however, we have a few treatment suggestions for you, including orange peel extract, magnesium, and rhodiola rosea.

What Is Biliary Reflux?

Biliary reflux is a condition that occurs as bile, the digest juice produced in your liver, backs up into your stomach and esophagus. You may experience the condition in conjunction with acid reflex or without any other issues.

Biliary or bile reflux can be difficult to differentiate from acid reflux, especially because the conditions often occur together. Nevertheless, some of the symptoms help determine the condition. Common symptoms of the disorder include intense upper abdominal pain, frequent heartburn, nausea, vomiting a greenish-yellow fluid, cough or hoarseness, and unintended weight loss.

What Causes Bile Reflux?

Bile is produced in the liver and is used in the digestion of fats. However, the liquid must flow successfully into the intestines to aid in digestion. Reflux often occurs when there has been damage to the pyloric valve as the result of a surgery complication. Additional causes include a peptic ulcer that blocks the pyloric valve or gallbladder removal surgery.

How Is Reflux Typically Treated?

Medical supervision is important when it comes to treating biliary reflux because a doctor can identify more serious causes or even complications. Common medical treatment include medications that augment the flow of bile, block the production of stomach acid, or assist in emptying the stomach.

Can Natural Remedies Reduce Biliary Reflux?

In addition to these treatment options, natural remedies also help treat bile reflux issues. Orange peel extract, magnesium, and rhodiola rosea are three of our most common suggestions; however, there are other options.

1. Orange Peel Extract

Orange extract helps move food effectively and efficiently through the esophagus, reducing issues with bile reflux. It also reduces the surface tension of the liquid contents in the stomach, making reflux less likely.

2. Magnesium

Magnesium helps control the muscle function in your digestive tract and throughout your body. It also aids in digestion to alleviate reflux issues.

3. Rhodiola Rosea

This compound helps support the biochemical reactions in your body. With this capability, it helps expedite digestive processing and lessens the risk of reflux.

Relieving reflux can be complicated, but these treatments may help. Keep reading below for more natural remedies from our contributors!


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Posted by dand (pingree grove, il.) on 01/23/2022

for bile acid/IBS help, try artichoke pills or liquid.

Avoid MSG

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Posted by Kay (Fl) on 02/05/2015

Several family members suffer bile reflux; some have had gallbladder removed to little/no avail (long term). Fortunately we've identified a PRIMARY TRIGGER being MSG (Monosodiun glutamate, a common food additive/preservative). Knowing this helps us prevent many issues, especially the choking/blobs of mucus in the throat.

I'm preparing to do a gallbladder/liver flush as advocated by Naturopath Andrea Moritz which (detailed on this site under gall bladder issues)that many people find success with.

I hope this info helps someone.

Replied by Constantinos
(Larissa, Thessaly, Greece)

Hallo. I would like you to direct me on the subject of bile reflux because during gastroendoscopy that I have done recently the gastorenterologist observed reflux of bile liquid from duodem back in to my stomach.Unfortunately in the related bibliography-internetgraphy about the existence of this illness I found very little and how to handle it absolutely nothing..I still have a pain at the upright side of my belly. I will be very obligated for your help. Thank you in advance.

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Jdawg (Fredericton, Nb, canada) on 09/05/2009

I've had this before and since having my gallbladder removed and don't see anything on here about making it better. I had some help from H2 blockers but I wanted to see if something natural was out there.

I've tried calcium, magnesium, ACV, turmeric, dietary changes, activated charcoal and other things and still have this terrible snot at the back of my throat and hoarseness, bloating, terrible digestion. Any help would be great.


Replied by Liz V
(Ojai, Ca Usa)

I too, have severe bile reflux due to my gallbladder being removed in Jan 09. Nothing is helping. Any suggestions? I"m thinking it's probably a motility issue.


Replied by Vanya
(Frankfort, In)

I have this problem as well. I am taking orange peel extract capsule every other day (sometimes every day), I have tried a lot of different remedies through the years, they all helped somehow, but this is the only one that gives me 24 hours relief. Good Luck to All...

Replied by Liz
(Ojai, Ca)

Hi, can you give me more info on this to why adrenal support would help with the bile reflux? I've tried some things but not for any length of time. Why would this help the bile from refluxing into my stomach and then into my throat? It's been going on now for 18 months. Thanks! Liz

Replied by Amy
(Las Vegas, Nv Usa)

I have used psyllium husks (metamucil) when I felt an attack may be coming with great success. I also found that magnesium helps a lot. I hope this helps as it took me 2 years to discover what worked for me.

Replied by Stephanie
(Brooklyn, Ny Usa)

Amy, I'd like to try the Metamucil for bile reflux. Would you mind telling me how you take it? Thanks. Stephanie

Rhodiola Rosea

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Posted by Marguerite (Wrightwood, Ca) on 03/23/2011

I've been having a tough time with bile reflux for many years. The doctors could never find out what was wrong and I ended up in emergency many times, thinking I might die. I started taking 2 capsules of Rhodiola Rosea every morning for another problem, and found this to have completely cured my bile reflux! Wow!

Replied by Angela
(La Habra, Ca)

I also had my gallbladder removed. since then I have gotton GERD, and in the last 2 years I have sporadic "attacks" of bile reflux. I don't know what brings it on. I will now keep a journal of what I eat when I do have an attack. The doctors don't know or say what it is. How often do you get bile reflux. Is is weekly, monthly? Mine is ocassionally, do you know what brings it on, certain trigger foods? Any info would be appreciated.

Replied by Liz

Where to buy rhodiola rosaea and how much to take?

Replied by Mckenzie

Amazon sells it. Or a local health food store. Try taking one with breakfast and one with lunch.

Replied by Rodney

I also have bile reflux. Using the rhodiola rosea, how long did it take for you to notice that you had no more bile reflux. Thx Rodney

Replied by Aoife

Hi I have just noticed your post online. Did you find a cure or treatment for bile reflux? Does Rhodiola Rosea or any other herbs work. I was diagnosed bile reflux Christmas last year and it is a living hell. I get a burning pain in my stomach and the bile back washes up my oesophagus. Every day. I'd appreciate your help x

Replied by Anjum
(Sacramento, California)

I have bile reflux problem on and offen my mouth burns, specially when I eat sugary things it flare up. I have read and saw in a you tube video that sugar is poison for people who don't have their gall bladder and wheat and gluten is not good either since they converts to sugar so please see if you are eating sugar and wheat.

Take slippery elm in water 1/8 of teaspoon in water 1/2 hour before you eat a meal and also take lecithin with your meals which have fats in it. If you have breakfast with eggs you don't need lecithin because the yoke has lecithin to digest the fat in egg. That's why we should always eat the whole egg, not just the whites. Egg whites are full of protein and the fat in an egg is the best cholesterol and lecithin will digest and absorb it. Eat good fats, no fried and spicy food, no caffeine, no sugar even sugary fruits like oranges.

Take only green apples, pears, and berries. Try to eat dark green vegetables for the calcium and iron. That will help because you really need calcium but calcium tablets are not good. They usually get accumulated in the muscles and do not give you the benefit, not absorbing it. Please give it few months to see if it works for you. Do not give up. Slippery elm heals the gut and helps colon, not to get the serious problems, it can in long term if bile keeps on refluxing in the intestines and stomach.