Natural Remedies for Autism

Bentonite Clay
Posted by Carla (Melbourne Australia ) on 03/18/2014
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Autism chelation therapy detox results and reaction 19/03/14: My daughter 5 is recovering from ASD, we do a lot to assist her function at optimum that is eg Gluten free, casein free, sugar free, no processed foods. With great results. Therapies.

We came across Bentonite clay on-Line and its ability to remove toxins from the body got me very interested. As the majority of those with ASD have difficulty removing toxins and heavy metals.

I gave her half a tsp on the 1st evening and noticed that she was more talkative the next day and less repetitive. On evening number 2 I put 1 tbs into a bowl and mixed it with putrefied water into a paste, and we did a body mask, and left it on until it dried (5min) in the bath I noticed little places of red where the clay had been on the longest , she really enjoyed her bath and was making sighs of relief (she usual hates bath and never lets me wash her back so this is notable) after her bath My daughter lent in and put here nose to mine! This is also something she never does, I asked her how she feels she remarked much better. and her speech became clearer , and more varied she asked questions.

Ok so any result like this is very encouraging but I think I got a little to excited to quickly, later that evening she was vomiting and she continued to vomit close to an entire night, she was in pain and had a fever at first I'am thinking its a bug but now I am thinking she was detoxing too fast. My advice to parents is to start very small as kids with ASD have a huge load of toxins, metals ect to offload.