How to Detox From Aspartame and Other Artificial Sweeteners

Hydrogen Peroxide, Amino Acids
Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 03/15/2007 391 posts

The issue is not the toxicity of aspartame that kills us. It is the resultant breakdown of aspartame by our own body to form methanol, formaldehyde, and formate which causes headaches and blindness, mostly from these breakdown.

Most drinks with such artificial sweeteners kept in room temperature storage have traces of these chemical. They are even high when the temperature reaches about your body temperature. I read a science fair project where they measured formaldehyde levels from aspartame in cola cans when kept at above 90 degrees fahrenheit (close to your body temperature) and was found to be a level higher than kept in cool refrigeration. Aspartame is formerly used as ant killers, but ants are smart and will avoid eating them.

How I detoxify obviously is to avoid processed foods and artificial sweeteners. But should the body is already high in chemical breakdown to formaldehyde, methanol, and formate, then the issue is to detoxify the blood of the resultant more toxic breakdown of these. It is these breakdown which resulted in agravated symptoms (often worse) with autism, Parkinson's Disease, and Alzheimer's disease. It is known for quite some time that drinking a couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide 3% between 6 - 12 drops one glass of water will breakdown the toxic chemical and reduce its toxicity.

What I do to detoxify myself to first take a couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide 3% in water and then after a couple of days I take things that will repair the neural damage such as vitamin B complex, vitamin E, vitamin C sodium ascorbate for at least 2 weeks before I fully recover from deafness or somewhat partial blindness a decade ago when I was accidentally drinking aspartame cola.

Charcoal won't absorb them, but taking amino acid supplements will certainly displace them. I think this is a more practical way to dealing with it. Charcoal is always good in detoxification from other things, and it is best to use them, even if aspartame cannot be adsorbed. What adsorbed aspartame the best in your intestinal tract, I think this is not the best method to tackle in the long run. Getting a diarrhea I think will just clear the 20 feet of intestines of toxic buildup in general is a more practical route.

Hydrogen Peroxide, Amino Acids
Posted by Regina (Harrisville, West Virginia) on 03/05/2007

Is there any way to help alleviate the side effects while quitting aspartame? I quit drinking Diet soda about 4 days ago and it is harder than I imagined it would be. I have had headaches, muscle twitches, anger, depression and just overall been a different person. My husband is a smoker and I think the comparison of side effects from quitting diet soda is just as severe as quitting smoking. Please help if you have any ideas for me. By the way, I have continued my caffeine intake through drinking tea so the side effects are not from the lack of caffeine.