How to Detox From Aspartame and Other Artificial Sweeteners

Activated Charcoal
Posted by Chrissey (Atlanta, Ga , Usa ) on 03/07/2014

Comment about quitting too fast. I am writing for my husband who quit aspartame two months ago but still cannot focus enough to write. He is a doctor, a brilliant man that was working on cleaning up his silent LPR (gerd), stopped the ppi's and the diet soda and two days later lost part of his brain. He feels like he is on LSD... Very paranoid, high anxiety and some panic attacks...

We are following dr blaylocks protocol along with saunas and enema. And enzymes I have seen a little improvement. Trying charcoal right now .. Will update.. Also trying TM.

He did not have any of these symptoms before other then stomach and coughing..Most of the gerd symptoms are gone! But his Brian seems damaged..

He was not eating a lot of animal food other then fish, but his diet may have been acidic from coffee and the sodas...

Any thoughts..but really wanted to warn others to go slow if been drinking aspartame for a long time....

Activated Charcoal
Posted by John Dinsley, author of Charcoal Remedies (USA) on 03/07/2007

I have attached a brief note on the ability of charcoal to adsorb aspartame. Will it help curb some of the withdrawal effects? It should help to continue to detox the body, but there are some other things to consider. When leaving off certain chemicals such as alkaloids (nicotine, caffeine, cocaine,...) if the person is on an animal-based diet (acidic) the body quickly dumps the poisons, sometimes resulting in profound withdrawal symptoms. On the other hand if a person is on a plant-based diet (alkaline) the toxic chemicals tend to leave the system more gradually without the strong negative effects that so often lead the person back to the offending drug/chemical. This way the body tapers off more naturally.

What Regina is describing are classic withdrawal effects from caffeine. It would be best for her to leave all caffeine off as hard as that may be. For one Doctor I worked with it took 6 months before he was free of headaches, but he was glad he persisted.

My personal thoughts would be to:

1. consider a purely plant-based diet for 2-3 weeks until she is well away from the withdrawal effects.

2. substitute the tea for some other herbal hot drinks. The black tea is only perpetuating her craving for caffeinated drinks. She will eventually go back to the pop if she does not make the break. There are plenty of tasty substitutes to choose from. Again, a plant-based diet will dramatically reduce the withdrawal symptoms.

3. taking a warm bath will ease the headaches

4. taking a hot/cold shower, or a brisk morning walk will help with the depression.

Hope this helps. If I find out more info I will let you know. .