Anosmia: Causes, Symptoms, and Natural Treatment Options

Castor Oil
Posted by Kayla (Beaverton) on 01/03/2023

Regaining Taste and Smell

My naturopathic doctor told me to use castor oil to regain smell.

I did some research and found some instructions. Never warm any oil too hot it will destroy the healing properties. I think lukewarm is the key or don't warm it at all.

  • Gently warm castor oil on the stove or microwave. Make sure it is warm and not hot.
  • Place two drops of oil in each nostril twice a day: once upon waking and right before sleep.

Here is the link

Posted by Jen (Australia) on 01/30/2021

I lost my sense of smell due to zinc deficiency. Covid also burns through zinc, and bioavailable copper. But taking a zinc supplement like Zn picolinate alone is short term ok, but bad for copper long term. Best to eat something like oysters (high in both zinc and copper). Zinc ionophores might also be relevant eg quercetin. Make sure iron levels are not high, as iron feeds infections eg ferritin under 40, saturation under 35%. Iron chelation is being used in covid treatment. Natural iron chelators include cabbage, Bragg Apply Cider V, green tea, quercetin, lactoferrin, IP6. Cheers.

Posted by Ed (Fla.) on 01/28/2021

For over 60 plus year I have been told that the loss of taste or smell is as a result of zinc deficiency. I know we are told not to take large amounts of zinc, but for many years I took 100mg or more every day. Everyone must make their own decisions on what and how much to take. Pray on it.

Be Well,


Anosmia Triggered by Antibiotics
Posted by Rosalia (South Africa ) on 10/13/2016

I have loss a sense of smell two months ago due to antibiotics, but I have found that castor oil is the best home remedy and I am using it now for the past 8 days, no sign of smell but I will continue to use it with the nasal spray got from my GP when I went back to tell him that the antibiotics have impaired me. I will pray and use castor oil until I reap the outcome.

Posted by Toourlady89 (Hayward Ca) on 03/15/2014

Loss of smell unless caused by any physical issues is related to Magnesium deficiency. RDA for Mg is 350 to 400 mg elemental Mg a day.. Takes months to rebuild Mg stores in the body, so you will need to be patient.. Google Magnesium and loss of smell. Avoid Mg Oxide. Best to use will be Mg glycinate 3 caps a day..

Anosmia Triggered by Injury
Posted by Janis (Flat Rock, Nc) on 07/11/2012

I have been without smell for two years. I have tried the castor oil, zinc, acupunture, alpha lipoic acid, and steroids. Don't want to try and hit my head again. Anybody know of another treatment option. Hypnosis? Neural implant??? Don't miss the bad smells on the bright side.

Posted by Tommo (Scotland) on 02/23/2021

Colonics worked for me, not only restoring my sense of smell but colonics also gave my complexion a noticeable healthy glow!

Anosmia Triggered by Injury
Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 10/26/2020

interesting how cannabis is related to a zinc copper balance when I googled it. Too much zinc lowers copper and visa versa and low zinc causes loss of taste and smell. zinc used up as your body fight colds and flu and copper is used to fight grey hair and parasites. Hope this helps.

Capsaicin Nose Spray
Posted by Jack (Phoenix, Az) on 09/16/2017

Restore smell loss due to too much magnesium with common nose sprays with natural ingredients:

Restoring sense of smell after losing it from too much magnesium is easy, but it burns a bit. Lots of cold cures include magnesium. I've lost my sense of smell twice using magnesium in nasal gels and cold lozenges. Just go to any drug store and get one of the capsaicin nose sprays, like Sinus Buster, at Walgreens or Walmart or CVS or wherever. They are used for sinus issues and migraines and cluster headache attacks. Just use as directed. Smell came back pretty quickly; I think it was the same day I started the capsaicin spray. The ones I still have in the fridge are Allergy Buster, Sinus Buster, and Headache Buster. I use them for cluster headache attacks. But I no longer use magnesium for colds, as it aggravates my cluster headache attacks.

Castor Oil
Posted by D Groce (North Carolina) on 09/22/2021

How did you use or apply the castor oil? We have all lost our taste and smell. Thanks so much.

Anosmia Triggered by Antibiotics
Posted by Lala (South Africa ) on 10/23/2016

I have using it for almost a month now, after I have lost a sense of smell because of antibiotics given by my GP, I haven't lost hope, it will help me when the time is right, every thing smells sweet indoors and out doors everything smell metal, and I went back to my GP and he gave me nasal drops for one month, and planning on sending me to ENT, how long must you use castor oil to get results???

Anosmia Triggered by Injury
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 09/05/2016 2063 posts

In any case of injury or any case of loss of smell, the number one go-to nutrient is Zinc. 50mg daily for a few days or wks and if taken any longer add 1.5-3mg Copper.

Many other really good suggestions here, but it is worth considering also supplementing Glutamine and Omega 3 Fatty Acids like Fish, Krill, or Flax Oil. More good natural remedies for the brain is Hemp/CBD, Taurine, Acetyl L-Carnitine.

I always use Magnet Therapy immediately following an injury and daily until healed.

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Posted by Rsw (Oh) on 04/21/2017


I always try to buy the r-alpha lipoic acid form which is supposed to be better in the body. If you look online for r-alpha lipoic acid, you will have a choice between several brands. If I am allowed to mention this, I find Life Extension to be a good source. Best wishes.

Castor Oil
Posted by Susanne (Streamwood, US) on 07/12/2014

I got castor oil from Walmart - think I paid around $2.50, nothing fancy.

Posted by Joy (Battleground, Wash) on 03/16/2013

So you still have your sense of taste? Most people I read about have the loss of both at the same time. A zinc imbalance can cause a loss of them. Usually a zinc imbalance shows up as white spots on the fingernails. I just looked and doc oz commented on this and said try zinc 30 ? I forgot.... Whoops , ... My bad

I use a full spectrum mineral and it is solving some problems I've had for a while. You didn't mention if this was sinus surgery or how it would impact your smeller.

Heavy Metal Detoxing
Posted by Timh (Louisville, Ky, Usa) on 07/12/2012 2063 posts

Loss of smell is a very common side effect of Heavy Metal or possibly some kind of Zenobiotic toxicity. You can purchase Hair Analysis kits from online vendors or labs to check for HM. Detox Foot Pads are quite effective at eliminating all manner of toxins. Lots of recent comments on Far Infrared Sauna therapy here on Earth Clinic. Ionic Trace Minerals would certainly help.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Ted (Bangkok,Thailand) 391 posts

Posted by Melanie (Surrey, B. C. Canada) on 01/17/2006: "Ted, I have not been able to smell anything for many years and wondering if you have some magical natural cure for this?"

Your conditions of not being able to smell anything is called Anosmia. Anosmia is a condition where you cannot detect smells. I believe this is caused by a zinc deficiency. For the body to best respond to zinc, I suggest you take zinc acetate (without the calcium carbonate and tricalcium phosphate fillers), vitamin b6 and magnesium. These three seems to work in synergy.

Posted by Ginger G (Ohio) on 10/08/2018

I have had bouts with loss of smell and taste for a few years now...Prednisone used to bring it back but that no longer works. Last night I chewed a garlic clove and I almost tasted it a little. took a zinc pill and today I tasted a little, haven't tasted for about a month now. I swabbed out my nose with caster oil without hexane and tonight I will try the drops. I'll let you know as we go along...

Anosmia Triggered by Injury
Posted by Sean (Idaho) on 08/31/2016

I had a bad head injury in May and didn't realize until weeks later my smell is distorted. I have one constant smell, an indescribable sweet smell. If there is something in the air, food, rotten fish bait, shampoo, whatever. The smell is stronger but always the same. It has been 5 months already.

Posted by Lydia (Bergenfield, Nj) on 03/28/2016

Hello, I am not sure what made me start looking again for any updates on ideas to get my senses of taste and smell back. Four years ago, a restaurant customer suggested I take zicam zinc swabs for my cold. I figured, sure, it's natural, right? It was a month after using these swabs that I found I couldn't taste or smell anything.

I am a chef. My life was over.

I hired cooks and continued in my restaurant as if nothing happened, but in fact, my world as I knew it ended.

With no insurance, I started looking and found the Taste and Smell Clinic in Washington DC. I visited and was put on theophylline...and encouraged to go back every few months. With no job, and no insurance, this was impossible. And it has continued in this fashion for all of these years.

Upon discovery that I have Hashimoto's Disease for the past 10 years or so -- it took many endocrinologists to figure this out -- I wondered now that I am on meds that are supposed to help me with my horrible thyroid situation that maybe it has helped me to get some of my smell/taste back. Not much, but I have noticed a bit of a difference.

Have you heard of Hashimoto patients and anosmia? I am going to try the castor oil -- and let you know how it goes.

Thank you,


Anosmia Triggered by Antibiotics
Posted by Marcio (Sarasota, Florida) on 10/02/2015

I have anosmia for 6 mos due to antibiotic, I only have one ( Grey smell ) if you know what I mean. I sympathize with everyone with anosmia and appreciate any input in solving the problem. I thank you in advance. Marcio.

Anosmia Triggered by Antibiotics
Posted by Hezekiah (London, Uk) on 09/08/2016

I just recently noticed I can't smell any more. I had an infection and doctor gave ampicillin capsules to use for a week. Immediately after the course of that medication I can't smell at all.

Anosmia Triggered by Antibiotics
Posted by Charity (Faithville , Usa) on 09/12/2016

I read antibiotics deplete zinc.

Posted by Suzy (Fort Wayne, IN) on 09/02/2014

Acorus, please let me know how the borax in the netti pot works. It makes sense to me. I'm just wondering about the amount, if it is too much? I'd really like to know how it is working for you. Thanks.

Anosmia Triggered by Virus
Posted by Paracelsus (Orlando, FL) on 12/11/2020 47 posts

I read somewhere that loss of smell and taste are due to a lack of zinc. Try taking a zinc supplement.

Posted by Dallas (Amesbury, Ma) on 03/14/2014

Hi. I do not have this problem but I have heard that taking zinc, after a while, will help with the inability to smell. This can be a serious problem as, if you have no sense of smell, you cannot tell when food is bad, which happened to my mom last week, and she got VERY sick. She would never try zinc before; maybe now she will. Check online for dosages. I think 50 mg./day is tops. You CAN overdose on zinc so be careful. It may take a few weeks to improve.

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