Anosmia: Causes, Symptoms, and Natural Treatment Options

Raw Food Diet
Posted by Alan (Mexico City) on 12/10/2014

Loss of Smell

You should all try one month of raw food, that is everything must be raw giving more importance to raw vegetables this will liverate all the incrusted toxins and strange substances that could be from the air or chemicals that we usually eat with all the junk food and all the saturated greases and artificial colors etc.etc. Once I did it and wow! Your body really thanks you for these, the only thing is that you will really start smelling the terrible cadaveric smell of meat even in the best of beef restaurants and you will know what you have being eating erroneously all of your life.

I am not a vegetarian but please concider this because I have 35 or more years with holistic naturistic and orthomolecular medicine as my hobby.

Eat big raw smoothies in the morning plus a big veggie or frut salad in the afternoon and night ..give preference to adding cilantro to your smoothies because it desintoxicates the liver, do not forget garlic onion and radishes in your raw salads, repeat a big veggie smoothie any time you want avoid all comercial industrialized or cooked food for at least one or two months drink plain water, add sea salt to your salads lemons or lime, do not eat any absolutly any kind of oil, no even olive oil. You will desincrustate all the impurities of your smell cells and feel younger and with lots of smell.

Wish you all the best please do it do it with will and you won't regret it, see you tube for raw recepies they have many do not drink smoke or anything, give your body a break and be creative with your food there are many vegetables with wonderful flavors for you...

Best of luck to all of you.