Anosmia: Causes, Symptoms, and Natural Treatment Options

Anosmia Triggered by Injury
Posted by Laura (Southern New Jersey) on 10/23/2020

I have not had a sense of smell since I was pregnant with my first child. Had opened a can of tuna fish and that was the last time I have ever smelled anything- he is 30 years old now. Went to many doctors explaining my loss of smell and they either said there is nothing you can do or you must be insane - ???

I believe prior cocaine use is truly to blame but - also had a bad car accident with head trauma. I cannot explain this but in recent years I have not been able to take pain medication and started cannabis

I have my sense of smell after smoking cannabis, usually the weed reeks bad (I can smell that) and then the occasional fragrance wafts up, glass of grape juice was the first time I had a sense, that was 12 years ago. I have learned to "feel" bad smells, hangs heavy or looks bad!!

But my 30 year old did save my life recently when a gas line in a house was left open, he came down the stairs yelling CAN"T YOU SMELL THAT??!!! It was accidentally left opened in the laundry area. I never would of noticed- thanks

Anosmia Triggered by Injury
Posted by Sean (Idaho) on 08/31/2016

I had a bad head injury in May and didn't realize until weeks later my smell is distorted. I have one constant smell, an indescribable sweet smell. If there is something in the air, food, rotten fish bait, shampoo, whatever. The smell is stronger but always the same. It has been 5 months already.

Anosmia Triggered by Injury
Posted by Pam (Nashville, Tn ) on 10/26/2013

I just ran across this site tonight and am glad I did.

I had a fall over 7 months ago and hit the front of my head and then quickly fell back on the back of my skull, fracturing the skull and spent 5 nights in the ICU. I was diagnosed with traumatic brain injury and the Drs. are treating it like I had a seizure.

I have no past of having seizures, and am currently on 500 mg of Keppra (down from 1500 mg) daily. I have no real sense of taste or smell. When I do get tastes, they are so way off that it makes me sick. I either have a taste like soap or a very burnt ash taste.

I have lost weight and like others on here have posted, I only eat to survive and keep my strength up. I have no cravings whatsoever. I am still weak and tired (have to take more rests than ever before) I am a otherwise healthy 55 year old woman with no other health issues. I am going to the Smell and Taste Clinic that is affiliated with UPenn Hospital in Philadelphia, PA in December.

The Dr. there, Dr. Richard Doty is very well known in diagnosing and treating patients with this disorder. I am very happy with the neurologist that I am currently seeing, but am discouraged that this problem is not more well known or researched. I am glad I found this site.

Anosmia Triggered by Injury
Posted by Worried Mom (Westwood, Ma) on 03/15/2013

My young adult daughter had a bad head injury with brain bleed 2 yrs ago.. It has resulted in loss of taste and smell however she does get odd metalic or chemical tastes and smells.. Is there a treatment that anyone knows that will help her regain these senses?

Anosmia Triggered by Injury
Posted by Russell (Abuja, Nigeria) on 12/29/2012

I noticed that I developed Anosmia and hypertension after I slumped while carrying a heavy object. I hit the back of my head on the floor when I fell.

I still have my sense of taste in place but I can not smell at all. It has been this way for over a year now. I was booked for endoscopy to check for any possible nasal blocks but this has not been done. Viewing my nostrils exteriorly has shown no Polyps.

Can I please get any suggestion on what to use. I am in Nigeria, and the variety of options I can access may be limited. I would be glad to know what chances I have to regain my sense of smell back because the situation is really messed up for me

Anosmia Triggered by Injury
Posted by Janis (Flat Rock, Nc) on 07/11/2012

I have been without smell for two years. I have tried the castor oil, zinc, acupunture, alpha lipoic acid, and steroids. Don't want to try and hit my head again. Anybody know of another treatment option. Hypnosis? Neural implant??? Don't miss the bad smells on the bright side.

Anosmia Triggered by Injury
Posted by Jamacc (Houston, Texas) on 05/16/2012

Can someone please explain to me about the castor oil in greater detail? How often and how much? I lost my sense of smell 5 years ago and was told it was due to Nasal Polyps, I had them removed and my sense of smell only comes back temporarily with the use of steroids, such as a Medrol Dose Pack. It is way to unhealthy to take steroids continuously and I worry about building up an tolerance so I save the steroid route for once or twice a year when I just cannot stand not being able to smell anymore.

I have had 5 ENT's One told me he had never heard of someone losing their sense of smell only to regain it temporarily with steroids, so he never addressed my complaint. I have never had a single Doctor ever use the word Anosmia, in fact only one out of five attempted to address the issue at all. So I am looking for any ideas, I am in my thirties and the thought of not being able to smell again depresses me. One more thing that happened; I hit my head on an open cabinet door once and was able to smell perfectly for one hour before it faded away, any one else have an odd experience like that as well?