Effective Natural Remedies for Alpha-Gal Syndrome Relief

Oregano Oil
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 12/19/2023

I wanted to post this while it was on my mind and I had some free time.

A patient "Chad" called me today to tell me about his alpha-gal "diagnosed via testing" he had contracted this past summer while horseback riding with a group of other men. All of them came down with Alpha-gal and all pulled ticks off them.

As previously mentioned, there is no set treatment yet for this disease. And the posted data as to its cause form reseachers/labs is very sketchy to say the least.

Chad was complaining about the joint pain caused by this disease. He asked if I could treat him and I agreed. I like a good challenge.

Since Alpha-gal seems to be caused by a tick bite just like all the other tick-borne diseases like Anaplasmosis, Ehrlichiosis, Babesiosis, Powassan, Rocky mountain spotted fever, Lyme's, etc... I've chosen to treat it the same way as any other of the listed tick disease's.

Based on research and results from a 2017 petri-dish study on Lyme's disease caused by ticks, I choose oregano for its high activity against spirochetes, at lowest concentration of 0.125%. Plus, it had the lowest side effects attached to its use than the other herbs listed in the study. How this translates to the human body will be different due to the division of cell walls. You will just need to crack up the dosages.

I put him on my homemade wildcrafted oregano capsules 2 times daily with food because they are the strongest I can make and they can cause upset stomach.

He has been on them now for 25 days and he was happy to report that his joint pain has been reduced by 50%. Over all feeling better. So he wanted to order two more bottles from me to continue this treatment for another 50 days.

Based on the initial results this experiment, I would say that wildcrafted oregano will be a good choice for treatment of this disease. Just don't expect any major results overnite.

If I can remember, I'll post again his results in 2 months of taking the wildcrafted oregano.

Hope this helps....