Alcoholism Treatment Remedies

Posted by Alfred (Rangsit, Bangkok, Thailand) on 07/29/2012
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Husband Alcoholic. HERBS TO THE RESCUE. Several ways to stop Drinking Boose.

1. one part of Goldthread herb, one part goldenseal herb. Place equal amounts in 1/2 small tea bag. Put into tea infuser and steep as you would a cup of tea.. Not necessary but if you Add a little Epicae to the tea it will make the tea stronger..

After They drink the tea... The taste of alcohol will be bad.. he will not drink again..

2. buy the herb Antibuse and follow directions.

your husband will be back to normal.


Posted by Tami (Nevada) on 06/26/2013

Hello you had Epicae added to one of your tea mixes. What is it? I can't seem to find it. Thank you. Tami

Posted by Maryjane (Phil) on 06/22/2015

Were can I buy this herb to stop drinking liquor?

Sea Salt and Water Cure
Posted by Marlon (Melbourne, Australia) on 07/28/2011

about your problem with your craving for beer and alcohol and low libido... Try the water and sea salt cure.. It works amazing.. Your craving for anything stops and you have a total control of yourself.. Your libido will be at its highest and you will no longer need viagra.. Thats how amazing it works... try it you will not regret it...


Sea Salt and Water Cure
Posted by Samuel (Auckland, New Zealand) on 07/31/2012

How often do u take that and how many teaspoon to a glass of water.

General Feedback
Posted by C1265 (Jacksonville, Fl, Usa) on 02/06/2011

I quit drinking about a month ago and now I having some type of episodes where my whole body feels like electricity is flowing thru me. I've tried vitamins and b complex but they seems to make it worse. I had one last night after take a bath in epsom salt and could not sleep the entire night. Can anyone help me with this? Could I have another issue that's serious?

General Feedback
Posted by Lily (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia) on 02/06/2011

Hi to C1265, well done giving up the alcohol. Google delirium tremons and you will find a lot of information about alcohol withdrawal, most people think that the dt's are a hangover but they are a lot more serious than that. You will find some extra information and I would try to find a forum where ex drinkers are discussing their symptons and what they did to relieve them. I do know that juice is quite helpful in restoring the sugar in your body that the withdrawals deplete. Hope the best for you. Lily.

Ted's Remedy Feedback
Posted by Devon (Johnson, Vt) on 08/30/2009

Hey Ted, interesting article on Alcohol addiction. I was surprised to see very little on Glutamine, but then at the end noticed it mentioned. From what I was reading Glutamine under the tongue can have an immediate effect on alcohol craving. Also, I noticed you singled out Seritonin entirely as the nerotransmission basis for your article. Makes me curious about the other transmitters; in particular I thought that dopamine release was related to alcohol as well. Finally, I thought that Kudzu would be a worthy mention as well. Thanks for your article.

Ted's Remedy Feedback
Posted by Diamond (Salisbury, Ma.usa) on 05/06/2011

Tittiger;I do not feel that what you are writing or copied per se' is totally accurate about an alcoholic, it takes much rigorous work such as mental, emotional, physical and spiritual to help with alcoholism. Please be aware of what real damage can do if any drunk should feel this really works.

If vitamins are not a sure thing for a sick or dying person then who is to say that the vitamins you say or copied are rest assured to work? Not.

There are millions of alcoholics still out there too ashamed to go to AA with hopes one day there will be an easier, simpler cure. In all honesty most of us may live on blind faith, I know I do. Good luck

Ted's Remedy Feedback
Posted by frangee (Oregon) on 11/18/2022

i agree with you.i feel the aa is outmoded and shame based.i believe there could be positive ways of handling this, the yeast is a fierce desirous creature.

Ted's Remedy Feedback
Posted by Danial (Berlin,germany) on 03/07/2014

Hi Andrea, great, very happy on your success, Congratulations.I am in th e same boat and want to quit alcohol.Would you like to tell me how have you taken L-tryptophan, B3, and other vitamins?Did you quit alcohol cold turkey or gradually?Did you drink any alcohol during treatment or notice any interaction with vitamins or L-tryptophan.I want to know your whole protocol of supplements and vitamins.I am in great trouble.Please help me if other ECs members have any information and experience about this topic .Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Ted's Remedy Feedback
Posted by Mike62 (Denver) on 03/07/2014

Danial: I had drinking problems off and on for 30 years. When I was bored and unhappy, bogged down in civilizations ludicrous hype, sometimes I would turn to alcohol. That became a habit. When I liked what I was doing and the people I was doing that with I became interested in becoming proficient so I stopped drinking. When I was homeless instead of drinking I read books. I was always interested in whatever I was reading. When I got disability I learned to operate a computer and studied folk medicine. I have not drank too much in 20 years. There are 2 addictions. 1 is the buzz. The other is the mechanical action of drinking. You can try this remedy to cure both addictions. Put 100g activated barley in 1 gallon of water. Sip on that all day long. Activated barley has enzymes to give you a buzz and sipping replaces the mechanical addiction. Try getting interested in something. You can do like me, read books and study the way food affects cellular biology.

Ted's Remedy Feedback
Posted by Anthony (Atlanta, Georgia) on 06/19/2014

Can someone add info on L-Dopa for mood and a positive mental state. Thanks.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Rebel (Somewhere Usa) on 05/14/2014

I don't think you are supposed to consume peroxide, 2 hours before and after eating food. I could be wrong, but you may want to read up on this. I believe your post said you ate peanut butter toast and drank the water.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Carolyn (Akron, Oh) on 12/31/2012

roughly one ounce of liquid.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Nela (Vancouver, Washington) on 07/06/2015

How much of each did you put in the mix?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Santiago M (Japan ) on 09/19/2022

I Totally agree real deep Drinkers would not just take ACV and say oh we're good.. we want to get drunk not have a similar tasting thing at all.. It's Totally BS to think ACV helps stop drinking alone.

THOUGH!! Once someone is already accepting to detox it can save lives it helps a lot to detox and restabilize the blood, reduce the anxiety, jitters and burning sensation that one can get while going through heavy detox, there's tons of reasons and ways it helps to cleanse and stabilize but it's not a replacement for alcohol that's not the same department at all

General Feedback
Posted by D (SF, CA) on 01/25/2009

Rich: I must have missed something. Sorry. In your last sentence, you said "in this drug". What drug are you referring to that has the same anti-fungal components as turmeric? Thank you.

Posted by Dee (Kent) on 12/04/2015

I am reading a message from 2007 which states that L-Glutamine really helps with alcohol cravings. Is this correct?

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