Alcoholism Treatment Remedies

Scletium Tortuosum
Posted by Chlytie (Massachusetts) on 03/12/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Hello all,

There is a wonderful South African herb called Scletium Tortuosum. Scetium is an adaptogenic herb, treats anxiety, depression and addiction. I have used it many times, and it has greatly helped me. I quit smoking with this. I have recommended it to many people, who have also been helped from depression. My friend, who was abusing alcohol, took this and stopped drinking for a period. I cannot recommend it enough. You take 1 in the morning, and if it can help you, you will notice an effect in about 10 days. It basically balances you out, and you stop having those needs to go from one extreme to another. I used it for depression as well. Extremely helpful. When I didn't feel like taking it any more, I just naturally stopped.

I took the 50 mg. kind, as recommended by my healthcare provider, who happened to be from South Africa, thus knew about this remarkable herb. It costs $18. a bottle, a 2 month supply.