Adrenal Fatigue Remedies

Multiple Supplements
Posted by Maria (Nd) on 08/02/2020
5 out of 5 stars

So thankful for this info and the vitamins and amounts that help. I'll be adding some to what I take. And

I have had Adrenal Fatigue for many years now, but it only started getting better when someone with Adrenal Fatigue recognized my symptoms and told me he had it too and he told me what he takes...

Electrolyte Stamina from trace minerals. Been a life saver. Took six tables three times a day with meals at first and weaned off as I got better. Three or four once a day is what I take now.

I also take now take a raw multivitamin called Raw Prenatal from Garden of life.

And learning that my iron was low and causing me more fatigue, I started taking the ionic iron from trace minerals. Can feel the difference within 30 min. Usually I take one dose once a day, 1.2ml or 1/4 tsp. Easy to take in juice. Orange juice or anything high in vitamin C aids in your body utalizing the iron. Milk and dairy inhibits absorption of iron so just don't eat at the same time.

And then rest and sleep and de-stressing my life has been a lifesaver too.

Multiple Supplements
Posted by Jean E. (Berwick, Pennsylvania) on 11/30/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I was diagnosed as having adrenal weakness and a slower thyroid. I was through dr's after dr's. most saying that I had nothing wrong with me. I ended up seeing an herbal doctor. she had me on many herbals and no unkfood, and vitamins.
The things that I take now are the ones that I need to take or I can hardly function. B vitamins complex 50 mg( that is a combination of all the b vitamins, 50 mg of each one )

Vitamin C 1000 mg- 500 mg twice a day, possibly three times a day

calcium/magnesium at 1200 mg of calcium and 600 mg of mag.

a potassuim tablet -I think 99 mg a day

vit A and Vit E. these you can only have a certain amount a day, so buy the highest mg you can. they aren't allowed to sell them at anything higher than a certain amount so you will ok with that much.

I have to limit my stress, chores a day and exercise. If I'm tired I go to sleep, so what if the laundry isnt done or the dishes are left. I need more sleep than the average adult. When I keep up with these things I am way better, but too much overtime and not keeping up with my vitamins drags me way down. I have lately been getting away from my routine and it is showing. I have had to quit many jobs because of this So if you find a set of things that work...stick with it,

Stress upsets adrenal sufferers more and things that are small seem to be huge, but to us, we can't help it. the b vitamins and c vitamins and calcium/magnesium do help soooo much with this.

I would like to hear from others with this condition. Thanks