Adrenal Fatigue Remedies

June's Remedies
Posted by June (KC, KS) on 09/07/2008
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Hi, I am surprised to see so little feedback on adrenal fatigue, so I thought I would add my experience. I was diagnosed with adrenal burnout several years ago, but I suspect I have suffered from this problem since childhood.

I read not too long ago, I think on a coconut oil website, that studies show abused children often grow up to suffer adrenal problems, which makes sense in my case.

Anyway, emotions and past trauma are definitely things to consider in your healing program and I have done quite a lot in this department. It does help.

As far as supplements, I take a lot of B vitamins and I think they help. A nutritional consultant/chiropractor I worked with for a while had me taking cortisol tablets, but I never felt they helped.

The naturepath I work with now has me on green drink powder. I think more than anything this really helps me. I have tried several kinds and what you want to look for are the organic ingredients. Some taste better than others, but I find each brand takes getting used to. Most companies are adding berries and stevia as sweetener, so they really are quite delicious. I think the greens really fortify my body and help with the adrenal issue.

One of my adrenal symptoms is heart palpitations which can be brought on by stress and poor choices in diet. Sometimes they come out of nowhere, it seems. I usually can control them with an electrolyte mix...similar to what Ted has recommended here. My recipe is: 2 heaping tsp Calm (powdered magnesium citrate), 6 capsules potassium citrate (emptied) and 1 tsp natural sea salt (the kind that looks like sand). Put ingredients in a quart jar and add 1/2 cup hot water. After mix stops bubbling fill nearly full with cool water.

This mix helps me almost immediately. I take as little or as much as I need. (Too much, though, can cause the runs from the mag. citrate.) I usually take a couple shot glasses full a day and the jar lasts me several days. I leave it sitting on my kitchen counter. My naturepath recommends you have an electrolyte drink every day. I think it's smart.

The other thing I know is really important for me is detoxing the body. And my naturepath has said this is very important. I have just realized, too, that fibromyalgia, which I had for 9 years, is caused because the body is not draining properly and toxins get backed up in the system. I have felt extremely bogged down at times, as if I am carrying lead weights, and I will sweat for 20 minutes and feel completely different and have complete relief! I have a steam cabinet, which is fabulous! You can also use your bath tub, just add epsom salt, h202, vinegar, iodine, etc...anything to help the body detox and that works for you.

I am also reading more about parasites and the diseases they cause. I think Hulda Clark has done a lot of research in this department and I'm going to try her parasite cleanse, too. Also going to make my own black walnut hull tincture. Look online for the recipe, if you are interested.

Back to the adrenals...I have done so many things and taken so many supplements it is hard to really pinpoint what made the biggest difference. But I can tell that my work with the naturepath who uses top grade supplements, including many homeopathics, really is beneficial. Expensive, but beneficial.

I also sleep a lot: 9-10 hours is best for me. I take sublingual melatonin to help me fall asleep. I avoid sugar as much as possible and try to be gluten-free. (very important for people with blood type o.) And I've spent a lot of time (and money) in self help/spiritual programs which are so very important.

I hope my information has helped.