Acne Rosacea Remedies

Tea Tree Oil and Clove Oil
Posted by Herballiving (Yorktown, Va) on 12/05/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I have suffered with subtype 2 Rosacea for almost ten years. I have had periods where I was fine and other times where my flares literally last months on end. It's scarred me both physically and emotionally. Nothing the dermatologist ever has worked for me. I get huge nodules and cysts during flare ups that take forever to resolve. I now know my particular Rosacea is due to Demodex mites. I had a skin scraping down because mine was going occular. Ever night I would itch allover, my eyes were being effected, my hair was falling out I was down right scared. But I found a way to get the mite population down to a manageable number and get my skin back.

I studied up on demodex and even though sulfur is often used, I really am sensitive to it. so I decided to start a regimen of Grapeseed oil combined with Tea Tree Oil and Clove oil. Yes, they are somwhat Caustic for Rosaceans but hear me out. Demodex out of control needs head to toe treatment, they will move to other places, especially your scalp. If you treat yourself from head to toe at first you can get it under control and heal.

2-2-1 ration Tea Tree-Grapeseed (Or other carrier oil, I like grapeseed for its sebum control and astringent properties) then add just a little clove oil. the Clove oil is important because It kills the eggs and prevents the cycle from returning. You need to do this for 90 days regardless if you feel you are better or they will come back on you.

Wash face with milder cleanser, I suggest a Cold cream that contains sodium Borate which is borax. Jergens Face cream is cheap and has sodium borate. I also have used Cerave and wiped it off, no water.

Make a solution of Peroxide and borax, thin like a toner. Wipe face, let dry.

Apply the TTO/Clove Oil on entire face, ears, necks going down to shoulder blades. the reason is as they try to crawl form the face they will move downward or to the scalp.

apply coconut oil plus tea tree to the hair at night, sleep on a towel. Really work the tea tree into the scalp. the clove might be a little hot for scalps but you can use it to. I have also added lavender or rosemary. One things these critters do not like is essential oils that run hot. Hot being cinnamon, cajuput oil, Cassia Oil, clove oil. Clove is a common treatment for scabie, so I chose clove. Saturate hair at night.

I suggest coating your entire body with a coconut nut oil/TTO mixture as well. You don't want these critters moving into anywhere else.

shower first thing in the morning. If you have trouble removing the oil, take a conditioner and put that on your head for about 5 minutes and it will break up the oil and make it easier to shampoo out. Use a Tea Tree oil shampoo or Head and shoulders. Exfoliate the dead skin off the face/Body or you can make a scrub. If you are very sensitive, use a microfiber cloth for your face. After your shower and exfoliation, your pores will be open. apply the TTO/clove/oil mixture again. Basically you will only removing it for showering. you need to do this for 60-90 days regardless if you are recovered. you need to break the life cycle of the Mite. the males live on the hands and arms and are transferred there via your face. that is why its important to treat the whole body and not just the face/Ears/Neck.

Once the lifecycle is broken you can go to maintenance phase, using the treatment every three days. THEY will come back if you do not do this.

Demodex, love dead skin and sebum. Even dry skin people have sebum but it's usually very hard. Keeping a alkaline balance and a yeast free body is the most important thing you can do. I suspect they also feed off Candida on the face which is why TTO and clove also work. I find the borax only beneficial in the kill off phase, it will make your skin worse before it's better. the first 5 days are the worst. After a two week phase, it may flare up again but stay the course it's just new eggs. But the Cloves kill the egg sacs.

There is no need to buy expensive chinese creams, this protocol works. I have been fighting this what seems like forever. It's given me my life back.