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Anti-Fungal Shampoo
Posted by Anniea (Durban, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa) on 10/05/2009
5 out of 5 stars

ROSACEA / Anti-dandruff Shampoo

I am so excited! About 5 months ago, the skin on my forehead, upper cheeks & chin went bright red, began to dry, flake & peel as though thoroughly sun burnt. Coincidentally, I'd just changed my usual facial wash from Garnier to Neutrogena, so figured that, that was the cause & immediately stopped using the Neutrogena, but ALAS! the problem continued to worsen. I'd go the odd week or so with a fairly clear complexion, then BOOF! the redness & flaking would return. I tried Bio-Tissue Oil but that didn't work at all, in fact it made it worse. This past Saturday, after reading every comment on this forum pertaining to ROSACEA (which I have never had medically diagnosed - yet it sounds all too familiar to what other sufferers have mentioned here), I decided to try a remedy which a Swiss dermatologist had recommended to my son to remove some white fungal spots from his face.

Sebiprox an anti-dandruff shampoo - simply Google it - not available in the USA under this name, but by another. The main ingredient is 15mg Ciclopirox-Olamine.

VOILA! It worked. Just before bed, I rinsed my face with warm water & whilst wet, washed it with SEBIPROX & rinsed it off. I patted my face dry with a clean towel & reapplied a little SEBIPROX to my entire face (avoiding contact with my eyes), left it on for 5mins & then rinsed it off & went to sleep.

The following morning my face was clear & without any redness whatsoever. Really smooth & soft & my pores noticeably closed.

I cannot tell you how excited I am! Thank you for making me aware of a MITE issue, as I would never have thought of such myself. One of my pet birds has a mite problem around his neck, so maybe that's how I picked this up in the first place.

[email protected]~ Durban / South Africa