Natural Colic Remedies for Babies

Fennel and Cumin Tea
Posted by Amanda336 (Ny) on 01/23/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I am a mom of two bright kids and one of them is breastfeeding. Danial is now 18 months old and had extreme colic symptoms since his first month. He used to cry all the night and it was driving me crazy. I tried burping him, swaddling, giving him Karo syrup, gas drops etc...

The above-mentioned remedies were working just for a few hours or days and again the problem was same. Our pediatrician suggested Zantac, changed his formula from my breastfeeding but nothing.

I decided to go for different forums and put my question on different moms forums and got different suggestions and chose one common advice that I haven't tried yet.

It was a natural tea blend of fennel and cumin. I decided to give it a try and in my astonishment, my baby started soothing just after the first dosage. The tea manufacturer claims that it's an organic tea and after seeing the ingredients I was also convinced that cumin and fennel won't give any harm to my newborn.

I used this tea and got rid of colic in my baby. The tea is not only for dealing with colic but it also copes with constipation, acid reflux, and other tummy troubles in newborns that are most common in babies all over the world.