Natural Treatments for Childhood Impetigo

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Equality (Atlanta, Ga, Usa) on 06/14/2010

Hello, I REALLY need help finding a cure for my 7 month old daughter's impetigo. The prescription creams and oral antibiotics are not working. I have also tried giving her turmeric mixed in her baby food, applied a turmeric cream to her skin, tried putting baking soda and peroxide in baths. Nothing seems to be working. I saw some improvement by keeping the sores covered with bandages, however she has many sores and the challenge is getting them all covered without her getting upset, which seems to make the condition worse. Whenever she cries the sores weep. I have read some of Ted's suggestions and the one where you mix borax, iodine, baking soda etc...seems like it might work, but I don't know the EXACT recipe. I already have most things to make the mix. FYI my daughter is has just been introduced to a few solid foods, and generally eats one solid meal per day about dinner time. Other than that she is breastfed. She also had to take antibiotics for 7 days after she was born, to "prevent" an unknown (to me) infection. She did swallow meconium during labor, but so did one of my other children and they did not take this precaution. She began suffering from impetigo around two months old. I would appreciate any help you could offer. Thanks!