Cough Remedies for Kids

Apple Cider Vinegar + Coconut Oil
Posted by Julie C (Louisiana ) on 01/07/2024

My daughter who rarely detoxes ('gets sick')- finally did last week and although no fever she had a cough and runny nose. A dry cough that kept her up. I did all the things to keep her feeling good, warm baths with salts etc. I looked on EC and found the ACV + honey treatment for cough. So I gave her the 1tbsp of ACV and 1 large tbsp of honey in warm water and it really helped her coughing fits. I gave this to her a few times a day.

On day 3 the cough was persistent, so I tried the coconut oil remedy to hopefully get her to rest....I used organic non refined coconut oil before she went to bed, well the texture was not appealing to her at all - lol - BUT she didn't cough once until the morning!! She was able to get some good sleep finally and let her body heal! That morning I decided to combine the remedies and make an ACV+honey+coconut oil tea and she drank it - that day the coughing was better and better. I gave it to her last night before bed and not one cough for sound sleep and healing again! I also added a pinch of cayenne for good measure! It seems like combinations of treatments do best for us. Thanks everyone for your anectdotes and contributions! Happy healthy 2024 to all ....xo