Constipation Remedies for Children

Warm Bath
Posted by Tina (Flint, Mi, United States) on 08/12/2010
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Constipation in babies 1 month and over

I just wanted to let you all with infants and babies to know that if your child is constipated to give him or her a warm bath ~ in the sink is good so that you can have the child in it from the midsection down in the warm water. You need to add nothing to the water, just have it warm and keep the child happy and comfortable for oh a minimal of like 15 mins to like 25mins. And the warm water will loosen their bowels naturally.. Then watch out because you will have a sink or bath tub to clean... But a very content child afterwords. I have found this to work every time my daughters and now our grandchild has this issue. Alot of the time it's due to too much iron in their formula and not enough water through the day.. Hope this will help even one distressed parent dealing with these kind of issues.. Because when baby's not happy ~ no one in the house is happy. PEACE!