Natural Prevention and Treatment of Colds in Children

Cayenne and Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Sheikh (Bayshore, New York) on 04/19/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Ceyenne Pepper remedy and H2O2 remedy: These two remedies are unbelievable!!! My 5 yr old daughter keeps acquiring the cold bug after every couple of weeks. Often times, her cold requires an anntibiotic as a last resort and lot of absent days from school. However, in my quest for a better and a natural alternative, I came across this website. I decided to follow the advice for using ceyenne pepper for the sore throat and H2O2 for her cold. Viola!! Miracle. Since she is only 5 yrs, she could not really gargle, however, she was able to take a sip of cayenne pepper water, and while holding her breath she held her neck back for a couple of seconds. This way the ceyenne pepper liquid could actually stay in contact with her throat for a couple of a seconds at a time. She felt a lot better after the remedy, and was actually able to go to school this morning.

Now for the H2O2, I mixed one cap of 3% in a half glass of water. Poured 3 drops in each ear. In between the the two ears, I gave a couple of minutes on each side as suggested by all people who had positive results. This morning she woke up with slight nasal congestion but no pain in her throat. awesome!! Thank you all