The Truth About Gelatin

Gelatin Capsules and Pelvic Prolapse Connection
Posted by KT (USA) on 03/09/2013

I am in my sixties and discovered that gelatin capsules are what caused my prolapse. I could not tolerate ingesting capsules. I always opened them and took the contents. When I started to use the stool softeners I had to swallow the capsule(s). I then experienced the prolapse... This was just this past Dec.

When I stopped using the gelatin capsule stool softeners, the prolapse began to subside. I juggle between probiotics, magnesium powder and the stool softeners. When I walk, go up and down the stairs or stand at the kitchen sink I do Kegels. I also do them when I lift ten lbs. from the floor... As you come up, tuck & squeeze your butt. I was fortunate to recognize this early enough to fix it (just a few months), so if anyone has ingested supplements in capsules for a period of time it may take longer.