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Apple Cider Vinegar Treatment for Dermatitis

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Posted by Connie (Greensboro, Nc, Usa) on 05/29/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Hi All, I am so happy that I found this site, just as I was about to give up and resort to long-term antibiotic treatment. I'm into my second round of prednisone, prescribed by my dermatologist, who admitted he had no idea what the flame red, swollen, itchy rash encircling my mouth and creeping up into my eyebrows and on my eyelids could possibly be. This is even more frustrating since it's difficult to treat a condition that is so hard to identify. Thank goodness for the internet, and to all the brave souls suffering with this ailment that took the time to share their experiences.

My PD started after weeks and weeks of raging allergies, which caused me to blow my nose from morning till night. The skin directly under my nose was bright red and never would clear up. I thought I was doing myself a favor by using the tissues with aloe or the anti-viral ones. Boy was I wrong.

During this time I also developed cellulitis and was prescribed strong antibiotics to treat the infection. I take probiotics regularly, but I must not have been taking enough to counteract the strong antibiotic therapy. My first visit to the dermatologist I was prescribed a mild corticosteroid and told to apply it 3x a day. I smeared it all over the affected area, and it seemed to work for a few days. About a week into the treatment, after applying to the area under my nose, everywhere I put the ointment starting to burn, swell, turn red, and itch like crazy. I never thought for a minute it could be the steroid ointment causing all this mischief.

Back to the Drs. office to find out what was wrong. They didn't have a clue; gave me more samples, and a round of prednisone to calm things down. Of course, the prednisone cleared up everything, and I kept applying the new steroid samples to that area. Then just like before, it all came back with a vengeance. Back to Drs. Office for 3rd time. They are more puzzled than ever; prescribe another round of prednisone, and still more samples to try! I was also instructed to stop using the treated tissues, stop all makeup, moisturizers, etc. This was becoming a nightmare of endless agony to the point where I was too embarrassed to leave the house---except to go to the doctor.

I knew there had to be an answer out there somewhere, it just takes persistence and people willing to share. Like the suggestions from others I went to the health food store and got the avc "with the mother", organic greek plain yogurt, a bottle of high count probiotics. Started the treatment last night and can't get over the remarkable difference already. I am taking the Apple Cider Vinegar by mouth and applying a 50/50 dilution with water to a cotton wipe and applying it over the affected areas on my mouth, chin, and eyebrows. I also did the yogurt mask and it really was so calming. The visible peeling flakes of skin have almost completely disappeared, the redness is almost not visible.

The Keflex for the cellulitis really threw everything into turmoil and the topical steroids, along with the prednisone just added to the mess. I feel certain it's a yeast overgrowth underlying these skin issues. Unfortunately, the treatment that the dermatologist recommends makes matters worse with no end in sight. Thank you, thank you, thank you all. I hope everyone has the quick response I've had. It's truly a miracle.

Replied by Serena
(Tucson, Az)

I tried the treatment you suggested, but it was far from being real sticky. How much of each ingredient are you using when making this home remedy? Thanks.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

I've read that coconut oil is a mild and effective sunscreen. read up on it.

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

Aloe vera is also a good sunscreen.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Sjaan (Slc, Ut, Usa) on 11/03/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I have suffered from DH for about 8 years now. I have stopped eating gluten, sugar, changed my whole diet really as well as all soaps and detergents in the house, installed a central vacuum system etc, etc. However, I would still occasionally flare up with a horrible rash on my face, arms, back, legs and thighs. It would itch, burn and after scratching it to the point of bleeding, it would look absolutely scary and disgusting really... To the point where I became a recluse. The doctors would prescribe triamcinolone (which would help if I put it on right at the onset of an outbreak), betamethasone for around the eyes and Allegra for the swollen eyes. None if these really helped. My last attack started 2 months ago after a trip to Europe. Nothing seemed to help, even the Kenelog shots did not, and my face felt and looked like someone had poured acid on it. My eyes were swollen to the point where I could not see out of one eye. To those that suffer from this, I don't have to tell you how painful this is and how much it affects your psyche. After 2 months of pain I became depressed and just saw no way out. I could not think of anything else and that is how I found this site.

I tried the 2 tbs of ACV with equal amount of water 3 times a day on an empty stomach. Splashed my face with diluted ACV or put a rag on my face which was soaked in a bowl of ACV for 10 minutes (That stings the first few days:() and then applied VCO(virgin coconut oil) all over my face followed with hypoallergenic moisturizer. Two days later I saw a slight improvement and the stinging was not as severe. Then I added cayenne pepper to the drinking mix and a splash of agave to mellow the vinegar taste. That night I started to sleep like a rock, the dreams were amazing, and after another 3 days the itching was GONE. On the 7th day, when I woke, my face was no longer red and swollen. I felt human again and hopeful for the first time in 8 years of not having to take meds my whole life. YAHOOOOOO!!!! I will continue with the ACV probably forever. I still have a little dry skin but nothing the VCO can't handle. I love that stuff, soooo soothing. To say "thank you" to all of you who contribute to this site seems insufficient. Please know... You change lives. I know, you changed mine.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Zsaqwe (Brownsville, Texas, Usa) on 09/14/2010
5 out of 5 stars

After more than 15 years suffering from dermatitis in my face and chest, I am free. I drink ACV with the mother everyday to curb my appetite. It has change my whole skin organ including the scalp, no more dandruff. But the way I was cure from my face and chest from dermatitis was:
1. Washing my face. (with anything)
2. A cotton ball with Ethyl alcohol to clean the area(this kind of alcohol does not dry my face)
3. A cotton ball with ACV with the mother to apply in the affected area (painful in the open wounds, but the cure is fast in less than a week it will not hurt anymore)
4. I finish with natural aloe vera when the ACV is dry. Natural Aloe Vera from the plant is like a gel, When it dries it feels tight like a transparent mask that keeps the moisture in. Now the problem area around the eyes, just do it carefully I do clean around my eyes with the cotton ball with ACV and the alcohol. Just to have clean eyelashes. I don't have the problem around the eyes. It has never gone inside the eye. Be careful and nothing is going to happen , perhaps only it will hurt get over with it. You will be free from that crippling disease in no time and forever, as I did. I will shout it in the mountain top to anyone who have ears to hear.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jenny (Mooloolah, Queensland, Australia) on 09/13/2010

Hello my name is Jenny, I suffer from dermatitis around all of my eyes, in my ear canals and my privates. I'm mostly concerned about my eyes they are red sore and swollen I'm not sure what to use on my skin. Is Apple Cider Vinegar alright to use around my eyes? Please help me. Kindest regards Jenny.

Replied by Nissa
(Corvallis, Or)

OK I said I would post back so I am. It has been 2 weeks since I quit Coritsone and other Dr. Creams. I was using the ACV a few times a day, diltued by 1/2, applied topically. It didn't seem to be doing much, and honestly I couldn't stand the smell anymore on my face, and it didn't seem to be doing anything. My sister in law who is a pediatric nurse suggested I try Cetaphil soap and lotion, said it is amazing on the kids "dermatitis". About a week ago I bought a bar of "anti-bacterial" Cetaphil soap. I started using it 2X a day. My rash seemed to dry up quite a bit, and if I put lotion on, it seemed to want to break out again. I let it get totally dry and flaky. Now 1 week later, I seem to have made a breakthrough! I don't know if it just took this long for my skin to break its addiction to hydrocotisone, but this soap sure seemed to help. Patience, I guess, for your skin to calm down. My face is now soft and 98% cleared up.

Replied by Zsaqwe
(Brownsville, Texas)
4 out of 5 stars

I was cripple with dermatitis for 20 years. I was desperate. And had to quit gymnasiums because when I sweat the make up was gone and I felt people staring at me, I hate it! One very concern lady told me to look for help if I was being hit by my husband. After many doctors and creams, I found a yahoo group that was using ethyl alcohol, ACV, and aloe vera. I was so bless that I have aloe vera in my backyard, ethyl alcohol is easy to get in the drugstore and ACV was in my kitchen (without the mother). I started the treatment washing my face then clean it again with ethyl alcohol and then the ACV without the mother, the one for salads, the brown one. It was painnnnnnnnnfullll!!!!! But I was desperate. I finish covering my face with the natural aloe vera gel from my backyard. In one week I saw the results, impressive, Finally my face can be free of the sones, cortisones addiction. I have find something that worked! I did stop when I got cured for the same reason that you: The smell. Dermatitis come back and the treatment again. Now I decided not to stop because is working wonderful in my face, I guess the aloe vera gel locks the moisture in. I wake up with a beautiful complexion. I do not wash it in the morning I make up over it. Maybe I should to prevent other from smelling my face. I have suffer so much of this dermatitis that I don't care about the ACV smelling face.

Recently I found this site and people where using ACV for weight loss, I immediately went on my quest to find the "mother". I am having three tablespoons a day mix with orange juice and V8, before eating. I will post results when I am sure it worked for me. I don't dare to doubt ACV it has been a lifesaver for me.

Replied by Nissa
(Corvalis, Or)

Hello there, I'm back! I just had to come back and say I was wrong about that soap (although I do still like it for my body). In the middle of the week, I had applied cortisone to an itchy bug bite on my leg and my daughters from camping, and I had touched my face. Once the cortisone effect wore off, oh my I had a massive breakout. I went back to ACV, but it still wasn't helping that much. I decided to try Ted's suggestion. I bought a jar of boric acid and had peroxide on hand. I mixed maybe 1 TSP, with 1TBSP peroxide with 8 oz of water. I apply this twice a day. If it is feeling too dry I also apply Aloe Vera straight from the plant, this feels lovely. I started this last Monday and it was absolutely amazing. The best part was the itch going away. I still have a few bumps, but overall this was the most effective thing thus far. It is still returning my skin looks like 90% better. Thanks Ted! I will continue to try the other things to see if I can get rid of it all together.

EC: Warning! Borax is the remedy used in Ted's formulas, not Boric Acid!

Replied by Firecracker
(Longview, Wa)

I totally want to know just what those docs are thinking when they tell you that you have this or that, or worse.. When they tell you that they don't have a clue as to what it can be but here, take all these meds and creams and good luck with all that! I'm 26 years old and just discovered that I have PD or eczema. It started around my mouth about a year ago and I just thought that I had chapped skin or something. After a week it got worse and even though I was applying every type of chapped skin cream, lotion, and stick, nothing would work. I spend at least 3 months straight looking like a clown because right around my mouth I would break out in this big red ring. It was only and always on the sides of my mouth, never above or below which I always thought was odd. It looked decent in the mornings but would always break out quite soon after waking up. I finally made an appointment with a Derm and he told me that he thought it was PD but wasn't sure because it also looked like 5 other things... I decided to google them all as well as signs and symptoms. I finally settled on PD because it was an undeniable match. The creams would work temporarily but about a week after stopping (because the redness would go away) it would come back with a vengence.

I've given up hope with the creams so back to google I went and found myself on this forum. I was sooo happy to read about Candida being a huge problem and stress causer for this type of skin issue because when I called down to my local vitamin shoppe I was told that they sell products that attack the candida and it clears your skin and also lessens fatigue (something also caused by an abundance of candida). I also read that other things that bring on a flair are alcohol, bread, sugar, processed foods, grapes, tomatoes, etc.. Basically anything spicy, acidy, or anything else above that feeds candida. I'm also going to look into this ACV (apple cider vinegar). I rarely ever ate yogurts before but I've been eating them for the last 4 days, maybe twice a day, and I've noticed a dramatic difference in the redness and swelling/irritation/itching. Its not completely clear yet but it is a far cry from inflamed and spreading out of control! I already eat very healthy and am in the best shape of my life but that isn't good enough to fight this PD badass... Time to get inventive because I refuse to hide in my own house due to something I could be preventing by just taking on an even more natural and healthy lifestyle via switching up my diet. It sucks that I have to give up everything I love to eat and drink but it sucks even more looking like I have some kind of contagious disease (yeah, most people see just that).

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Kat (Seattle, Wa) on 04/29/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I've never had PD and was recently diagnosed with it. My naturopath recommended the apple cider vinegar along with honey, vitamin C and probiotics. She thought yeast might be the culprit based on what my lips looked like. The directions were as follows: splash a little bit of apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball and lightly touch the skin around your lips - once a day. The vinegar will dry out the lips and take away moisture yeast needs to thrive. 10 days should be enough, but everyone is different. Meanwhile, apply honey on the lips for moisture and to prevent cracking once or twice a day. Use a double doze of probiotics during the 10 days, adhere to a well balanced diet and take vitamin C. My naturopath suggested 2000mg a day for me. Overall, my PD took around 3 weeks to clear. The important thing is to watch out for infections from the dried lips and consult a doctor/naturopath if you feel the rash has changed.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Leah (Calgary, Alta, Canada.) on 02/04/2010
1 out of 5 stars

Hi I was so excited after reading all the yeas for acv, but unfortunetly it didnt work for me. I tried it for 2 day topically 2x-3x daily, and 2tlbs 1x a day with orange juice. The end of the 2nd day my pd was bright pink, and not diminishing. For the first day I was applying it neat, the second day I wet the cotton first- but its just making it worse. I filled my perscription of minocycline, and elidel. I've cut sugar, fruits, grains, starches, and yeasts from my diet, and hopefully when my pd calms down I will be able to continue with natural remedies. Thank you for this website- it helps so much to know that Im not alone in this.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Ama (Perth, Western Australia) on 01/09/2010
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

Dermatitis on the leg

I have been using apple cider vinegar for a week a now and wiping with white vinegar and acv on the legs. I put 2teaspoon in a glass of water twice a day. the rash is gone a bit but it has turn very dark in colour. i want to ask if that normal.

thank you


Replied by Ladybrown
(Philadelphia, Pa)

Just wanted to say how thankful I am for the internet. Struggled with the disease for about 3 months now and never went to the Doctor's but this article in addition to others has blessed my situation tremendously. All that were suggested worked in just a day. Not completely healed but a dramatic difference than yesterday. Trader Joes had all the items many had suggested in addition to their all natural facial cleanser and lotion. I'm back!!!

Replied by Tam
(Corpus Christi, Texas)
5 out of 5 stars

I suffered with POD after using topical steroids on my face for several months to keep outbreaks at bay, unfortunately it became ineffective and once I discontinued the topical steroids on my face it went into a full angry rage of POD in a couple of days. I came across this website which saved me, I was so depressed as it contiuned to get worse each day, so severe that it had me in tears, I was even to embarrassed to allow my loved ones to see my face. Eating and talking was difficult, as the corners of my mouth were split which prevented me from opening my mouth very wide.

I began with the ACV diluted on a cotton ball twice a day, it initially burned and I had a tremendous amount of redness , but the burning subsided after a few days, I also followed up with tea tree oil at night, it didn't heal overnight or in a few days for me, it was several weeks before it cleared, which seemed like a lifetime, but don't give up and be consistent. I also gave up fluoride toothpaste which helped. I haven't had an outbreak in 6 months. I hope this works for someone else. Good luck because I know how devastating it is.

Replied by Justbelieve
(Los Angeles, Ca)

I got PD from accutane as well a few years ago and everything the dermatologist has given me never worked. Apple Cider Vinegar is the ONLY thing that works! I hope we can all find more cures in the future:)

Replied by Angelica
(Aylesbury, Bucks, Uk)

I also had this bumpy type of eczema when I was younger - after I had been on the contraceptive pill for 10 years and came off it. At the time, I used the homeopathic remedy Rhus tox, but that was for about a year before the eczema went. Now, looking back and having learned much more about nutrition, I realise that the remedy at the time did noting but the eczema can sometimes be caused by an estrogen imbalance. I would suggest some of you explore that idea a little further ... Much later, I discovered that I had low stomach acid which meant that for years (30), I had not been digesting my food properly (specifically fats - hormones are made of fats) and so my body struggled to balance. Many other problems arose too but that's another area. Hope this helps with your research.

Replied by Sienna
(San Diego, Ca)
0 out of 5 stars

I am at my wits end.

This started 1 year ago when 2 little red bumps showed up in my face. I went to the dermatologist and I was prescribed Desonide for 3 weeks, and I was told to change my moisturizer. To repeat if it did come back. I did that, it went away but kept coming back. NOT knowing I was putting steroids on my face I kept reapplying the Desonide as instructed.... Maybe for about 3 or 4 times total. Well, I finally googled what I had and realized it is Perioral Dermatitis and the desonide IS THE CULPRIT and not the help. So I stop it 1 week ago, and.... It is been down hill since then.. OMG I am miserable. I was able to hide it with natural makeup or nothing the first few days, now my face is a big giant red mess. One side under my mouth and a bit around my nostrils. The ACV seems like it is irratiting it more. I did buy the one Organic with the Mother. I do put the yogurt mask. I do drink a cup with 1 little lid of vinegar with water. And I have been taking oral antibiotics now for 4 days with no improvement....

This morning I woke up with tons of white little bumps, so the pustules have pus now... Beautiful sight in my face... PLEASE HELP! What am I missing? Why is it soooo red? It looks like a wound not just red little bumps. Did I make it worse by putting the vinegar? Looks like it. Please help!

Replied by Sienna
(San Diego, Ca)

I would like to add that I am also taking:

- Probiotics with an empty stomach and plenty of water

- Biotin and Vit C, Vit D

- No wine, no spicy food, lots of veggies and fruits, I just don't like greassy food.

The white pustules went away with the last wash with 50/50 vinegar but it really looks like one giant wound, all red, terrible... Omg HELP! I pray people don't look at my face and hide as much as I can but I really can't!! Gosh! What to do? I have an appointment with a new dermatologist tomorrow. I can't stomach seeing the one that caused me all this misery ever again :(

THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP AND SORRY YOU HAD TO ENDURE THIS AS WELL. But like hubby says, no worries, you will be OK, it might take some time but at least is not dangerous.... Right, I should keep things into perspective, but it is in the middle of my face! People are going to think I have crazy acne and I went on a scratching spree or something, I never touch my face, barely dry it with a clean towel each time. Ack.... Help help help

Replied by Sienna
(San Diego, Ca)
1 out of 5 stars

A word of caution.

When you apply the vinegar, you may want to do a test patch, and start only with diluted.

It turns out, because I didn't diluted initially I did have some skin breakage and that triggered an infection. It inflames the skin more. So probably seeing how many people have good results it helps as long as you don't make it bleed or, in sensitive skins, like mine, you have to be very, very careful and dilute it or may not even work. I don't know anymore.

My new dermatologist is a clinical dermatologist (not cosmetic one, gosh how much I hate my old one now.... ) and he says I have Perioral Dermatitis but in one spot it got infected with staph so I really have to be very careful with hygiene and I am on oral and topical antibiotics. If I thought that PoD was bad enough ....

So just as a word of caution, what might work for many might not work for all, be careful, do a patch test, and start maybe diluted.

I will keep you posted. Pretty depressed right now, but have to keep my "chin up" for my family. I wish I could hide for 3 weeks. That's how long this nasty thing can take to clear up.... Omgosh.... I am ready to get a facial mask and go around with it, seriously... Has anybody tried that? it would avoid the stares , maybe not... AAAAAHHH HELP! I need a miracle!

Replied by Sienna
(San Diego, Ca)
5 out of 5 stars

Well my MIRACLE arrived! I really don't even want to celebrate too early. But I washed my face following my new DErmatologist instructions with Betadine diluted and Peroxide and then metrogel on top. I slept all night and woke up with my skin ALL DRY and peeling, all the yucky gunk washed of this morning. I have NEW clear skin, very red and tender but looks so much better.

Now in retrospect I think the Vinegar DID WORK. Maybe for my very sensitive skin I went to aggressive and should have started with very diluted but anyway, now that it is all peeled I think it did work. The metrogel will keep it clean I hope but I will keep the washes with ACV too, just diluted. And I am also drinking very diluted ACV twice a day. PRetty much eating only fruits and yogurts and yesterday I had a bite of grilled chicken. Drinking loooots of water too.

Yesterday I was near a nervous breakdown and today I couldn't believe it.

The one thing I also did was listen to my relaxing tapes 2-3 times telling myself that my skin would clear soon, and trying to relax a lot. Maybe all together worked.

So hey if you feel like POD is hell, and you are miserable, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Just be VERY patient for me the ACV process took 2 weeks to the big peel today. I do have lots of redness but looks soooo much better.

THANK YOU ALL!!!! HEALTHY VIBES YOUR WAY EVERYBODY! I think I learned a lot from here, really, thank you!

Replied by Jj123
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Thank you everyone for your comments. I have now had to stop using ACV. I am not sure it is related but I broke out in a rash on my neck, chest, eye lids and inside of arms. It is extremly itchy and bright red. I stopped using ACV to see if it will go away. So far it hasn't though and it has been 1 1/2 weeks. Also I have switched to a non-fluoride toothpaste and we have a reverse osmosis water filtration system.

Replied by Sp
(Nashville, Tn)

If ACV is too strong for you, you may want to dilute it with water (50/50).

Borax/Water -I make a mixture of borax and tap water in the palm of my hand to wash my face with every morning. My face feels clean and no drying.

Replied by Alaskalady
(Anchorage, Alaska)

It might have been Vitamin E oil that caused the redness. I had a contact allergic reaction from Vitamin E oil, so be careful about using this... or better yet, don't use it at all.

Replied by Sebastian
(Montreal, Quebec)

I use 1/2 green tea and 1/2 White vinegar. This has done miracles for my scalp and wonders for my face. Apple cider vinegar alone did not do much, but Green tea plus White vinegar are amazing.

Replied by Nancy
(Toronto, ON)

Sally, when you took the ACV did you take it straight or with something? I have had POD in the past and it was cleared up, so I thought, and have recently had a bought of it and it's been more concentrated on my forehead, but that is new for me. I have been using the ACV straight on my face with a damp pad, and I have noticed a reduction in the redness....thank heavens. The itching has reduced as well. So happy I found this site. I was ready to make an appt at the Dermatologist, but was dreading having to go on any medication. Thanks everyone!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Linda (Treorchy, Rhondda South Wales UK) on 04/05/2009
5 out of 5 stars

YEA!!! I have NEVER had a good skin. In my teens I did the lot, steaming, OTC creams, liquids perscription stuff nothing worked. Then about 15 years ago I started getting hot red patches, this was the start of rosseaca. BAck to the GP, more creams pills andhospital visits nothing. I spent 100's on miracle cures, some helped a little, but never enough to justify the huge price tag. In the end I was prescribed Veil Cover Makeup. This was horrible. and made it worse by bring me up in spots. Finally I found tht rooibos tea applied to my face helped tremendously, and is also great for nappy rash (I used it on my grandaughter). However the past 5 days my skin has gone in to freefall, and not even that helped. I had masses off white pimples, red imflamaed areas, and my face was so sore. I tried the ACV cure, and I am amazed so far. This morning when I got up my face looked as if it had had boilling water thrown at it over night, and felt like it too. So before my bath this morning, I gently cleaned it with warm water and dabbed ACV over it, yeah it stung a bit, but not that bad, and not for long. Afterhalf an hour I looked in the mirror and I had a differnt face!!!! Its not all gone of course, nothing would work that fast, but the redness was down by about 50%, the soreness has gone 100%, and my skin looks less raw. This was just using cheap supermarket ACV from ASDA (.79p a bottle). I'm off to Cardiff tomorrow to find a health food shop and get a bottle of raw ACV.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Dawn (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada) on 03/02/2009
4 out of 5 stars

Hi, I`ve been reading all these posts for a month now to try to find an answer to get rid of my POD. I`ve tried quite a number of things, but for now the ACV seems to work when I get the bumps, but my problem is that I cannot seem to get rid of the POD for good. I`ll go a couple of days with it cleared up and then out of no where the bumps return. I`m wondering if anyone can help me figure out what is causing the bumps to return. It`s been quite a roller coaster, thinking it`s going away only to have it return. I only have a couple of small spots on the line from the corner of my mouth to my nose, so I realize I`m very lucky not to have it worse and feel terrible for those with it really bad. I have tried to eliminate SLS from my shampoo and switched to nonfloride toothpaste. I have been using the ACV and applying presribed metrogel after it dries, twice per day. Also, I am heading to Florida in a couple of weeks on holiday and am stressing about the sun and my POD...any suggestions there would be great too!!

Replied by Cassie
(Sydney, Nsw)

Hi Dawn I have only recently developed POD. Initially I went to my doctor and was given antibiotic for 12 weeks. Rather than take these I went to a naturopath. She did a number of tests and apparently I have an overgrowth of candida and bacteria in my body. So she has prescribed probiotics, yogurt, a yeast free diet, fish oil, and colodial silver (topically and injested). This coupled with the ACV & yogurt masks, so far so good.

Basically I think my diet triggers my POD so maybe that is worth looking at.

All the best

Replied by Ger
(Sante Fe, NM)

I am estatic that I just found this site. I, too, had oral dermatitus recently and my doc prescribed a steroid cream which did not work and then he prescribed minocyclene, an antibiotic pill. Several days later I ended up in the hospital for a week with an allergic reaction to minocyclene only then to develop BOOP disease, an organizing pneumonia requiring 6 weeks of recovery. I was very weak and sick requiring fulltime care. In the healing process with yet other drugs, my dermatitus disappeared. But, alas, this week it is starting again near and under the nose.The breakout is itchy, red and bumpy. I am on my way to get the apple cider and start today. I thank everyone for their blog and will give an update in 7 days. I am so hoping this natural way is the cure for me.

Replied by Ger
(Santa Fe, NM)
5 out of 5 stars

AMAZING CURE! This is a followup to my email on Feb. 22nd, saying I found this site and would try the cider for two weeks for oral dermatitus. The cider actually worked! Here are my recommendations. Dilute the cider and try it twice a day, then cut down to once a day due to the itching and dryness. I used chapstick or a serum every third day for the dry itching under the nose, as well. I am especially careful to keep my hands off my face due to germs. My rash is almost clear and I appreciate knowing that if it comes back, I can get my cider out! Thanks to who ever set up this site. Ger

Replied by Maria
(Durham, NC)

I read here that a lot of people were prescribed topical steroids for POD. Do not use it! I read and am a living prove that it worsens it. When my POD break out happened last winter I tried everything and failed. I had a steroid cream orescribed to me long time ago for contact dermatitis on my body and decided to try it. The rash was gone withhin a couple days, but now when I don't use it for a day it comes back. I read on a few websites that it is the case. While helping with the rash it causes a sort of addiction. I do not want to rely on the steroid cream for the rest of my life and will try ACV and yogurt. I belive that many skin problems are related to digestive system. Any problem can be fixed from the inside.

Replied by Lynn
(Los Angeles, Ca)
4 out of 5 stars

Your story is so similar to mine that I had to write to you. In November, I dabbed some tone corrector/dark spot remover while I was at a friends house and went out for the night. Big mistake! The next day I woke up with little red dots on the spots where I applied the cream. I thought I was breaking out b/c my skin is so sensitive and so I made a note to myself never to use that cream again. The dots stay on my face for 2 weeks. I go in to get my eyebrows waxed and my esthetician asks me what's going on with my skin. I told her I'm breaking out and she tells me that it doesn't look like a normal breakout but rather an allergic reaction to something. She tells me to use some cortizone cream and take some benadryl. I do that for 2 nights and by the third day my skin is 100% improved. My skin stays normal/great for one week. Then all of a sudden out of the blue on a Monday my face swells up with red, itchy pimple-like bumps all over. It was 10x worse than it was after the initial application of the tone corrector.

I made an appt with a dermatologist and he said I have Rosacea. He tried to prescribe an antiobiotic and steroid cream but I refused to take it. I went home and cried. I was devastated by the diagnosis. I know that sounds like an exaggeration but I was full fledged depressed by the news. I felt hideous. After feeling sorry for myself for a good 2 days, I turned to earthclinic to see if ACV could help me. For 2 weeks I've been dabbing ACV on my face followed up by coconut oil (I'm also ingesting it 2x a day). Gradually, my face started to look better. The redness lightened and the bumps began to go away. I still have some bumps but it's nothing compared to how bad it was.

I saw a different dermatologist today for a second opinion. She diagnosed me with Perioral Dermatitis, prescribed me one month of antibiotics and a prescription cream. I don't want to get the prescription filled. I'm going to continue with the ACV and get one more opinion before I resort to any kind of rx. Good luck to you and give an update on your status when you get a chance.

Replied by Aginto
(Toronto, On)

Hi Lynn, Try adding lots of Vitamin C to your diet. Vitamin C encourages Collagen production which is great for your skin/face. Also, try taking Lysine as well. There is a theory that the increased redness in your skin is due to a different underlying condition; in this case your vein walls aren't very strong. I've heard of some women who have minimized the redness in their skin, and reduced symptoms of rosacea by adding about 5000-8000 mg of Vitamin C and 1500 or 2000 mg of Lysine (spread out throughout the day). It will take a few weeks to see results, but well worth it. Good luck!

Replied by Asand
(Louisville, Ky)

My dermatologist had prescribed me topical steroids (vanos) about 4 months ago for small red bumps. It seemed like a miracle drug, my bumps quickly cleared but when I stopped using the cream, they would reappear. Eventually, the steroid cream couldn't stop it... The rash worsened. I went back to the doctor and she diagnosed me with POD. I stopped using the steroids... Which made me look like I had terrible burns around my mouth and nose. It was awful. My skin was bumpy with pustules and very red. Make up couldn't cover it.

(I was also recently diagnosed with celiac disease which means I have a gluten allergy. My digestive tract has been damaged and is in repair. I believe the POD is related.)

So, my dermatologist gave me sumaxin face wash and an anti-bacterial gel to use 2x/day. It itched and burned the first week, but I stuck with it. I cut out cinnamon and floride in my toothpaste. I try to drink bottled water. I don't wash my face with hot water, only lukewarm.

The rash is SLOWLY going away. I've been on treatment for 4 weeks. It is still a little dry and I use Cera ve moisturizer AM and PM to help.

Also-A great MAKE-UP that won't irritate the POD is Jane Iredale. She has a website.

Hope this helps! It is difficult to live with these diseases, but stay hopeful and try not to stress about it. YOU are not alone!!!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mau (London, London) on 01/27/2009
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Applying AVC on the face, that will burn and irritate, and if you have itch the irritation would be more and cause so much redness, you should really dilute it. AVC great for the scalp, but for so..

Replied by Heidi
(Minneapolis, Mn - Usa)
4 out of 5 stars

After reading all of the suggestions for using apple cider vinegar on your dermatitis I decided to give it a try. I did not drink the ACV, but rather just used the solution of half ACV and half water and with a cotton ball swabbed it on the area affected (the skin on either side of my nose) two times a day - morning and night. After letting it air dry, I put a moisturizer protectant over it - Cetaphil - which has no dyes perfumes to irritate further. Within two days I saw a huge improvement and I am sure in a couple more days it wil be completely gone. I am so glad I found this website!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jen (Portland, Maine) on 12/18/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I also have been suffering off and on from Perioral dermatitis. I was using a steroid cream I had prescribed for something else. Big Mistake. I had to go through the 2 weeks of awful withdrawals, but luckily I had been warned how bad it would be from this site and similar ones. Definitely DELUTE the ACV and make sure you get the ORGANIC as well.

I mostly used this topically, as I find the 2 tbls really hard to drink, even with juice, BUT when I do it really helps out heart burn for like a week at a time just from one dose!:) I use ACV every other day at least. It will burn like heck at first, esp. on delicate skin-my was very bumpy, peely, and pink from withdrawal reaction.

What ever you do...quit your steroids. I was also on Flonase for my mild allergies; I thought back to when I first was prescribed that and it correlates to the first signs of my PD!

Best of luck- It has been about 5 weeks since I quit the cream and started using ACV and I have hardly any red left and only 1 or 2 tiny remnants of a bump. :)

2 more tips:
Crush up an aspirin and mix it into plain organic yogurt-on those bad days- make a soothing mask and relieves the swelling of the bumps a little.

And also rest your face in your clean hands with cold water in the sink. This seems to help a little as well.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Taylor (Las Vegas, NV) on 12/16/2008
3 out of 5 stars

Worked Temporarily

I found this forum and decided to try the ACV. At first my POD got red and irritated and then it seemed to be clearing up, at least looking better. I used the ACV twice a day for about a week. It started looking worse again, so i finally went to see the Dr. He prescribed me topical Metronidazole Gel. I have been using it for 6 days now and i'm not seeing any sign of it clearing up. It's very aggravating and dry. I put a call into the Dr. to try and get tetracycline. I'm glad the ACV worked for some and wish it had worked for me. Good luck to everyone dealing with POD.

EC: POD = Perioral Dermatitis

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jenna (Philadelphia, PA) on 11/21/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I guess i have had this mouth rash problem for quite some time now but never admitted to having a problem. I blamed it on allergies. Now that i think about all the mornings i would make Green Tea and press the warm tea bag on my face. This helped temporarily, really just stopped the irritating feeling, never took away the discoloration. It has been 48 hours since i first used the ACV applied by a cotton ball (2 morning applications, 2 night applications) My face has not looked so good in years. I am 25 and have had this for about 8 years now. Wow am i happy i learned this trick from you guys. I will be starting my probiotic supplements when they get delivered and will be sure to try out the yogurt too. Thank you so much. If i could see you guys i would hug you :)

Replied by Jenna
(Philadelphia, pa)
3 out of 5 stars

Worked Temporarily

I have been using the ACV for 3 weeks now and everything was fine until a few days ago my chin started getting irritated again. It is now bad like it used to be. Could i be immune to the ACV? It was working so wonderfully, i was so excited and now i am back to square one. Anyone have any suggestions?

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
509 posts

Hello to Jenna from Philadelphia,

You say your rash has been around for 8 years now and you are a 25YO! My first question is do you use makeup, because most girls like to start using makeup around the age of l6 -l7. If so, it could still be an allergy or a reaction to makeup.

I suggest you leave off all makeup and all soap for several days to give your skin a chance to heal itself, if this is the case. Washing the face with a wash cloth soaked in vinegar to get all residue of soap & makeup off for the first day or two & see what happens. If you still have the rash, remember the dermatologist's rule of thumb:a (If it's wet dry it, if it's dry, wet it) and proceed accordingly. One of the most drying agents is good old magnesium sulfate (epsom salts) and I have had very good results with a saturated solution of apple cider vinegar and epsom salts. You make a saturated solution by dissolving the solid in the liquid until no more will dissolve. If the rash is wet or purulent, just knock the tops off and swab it out with the saturated solution of vinegar/epsom salts 3 or 4 times per day and they will soon dry up, if they're wet. If they're dry just use a good A&D vitamin ointment or moisturizing lotion on it.

Replied by Jenna
(Philadelphia, PA)

I use the cotton ball to apply straight ACV on the affected areas. The first time it did sting for 10-20 seconds. But 50x less painful than having a bikini wax LOL I kept my blow dryer handy on cool to dry off my face after i applied the ACV. It was red for a few minutes then toned down dramatically. That night it did not sting as bad and the next day it did not sting at all. I am still uneasy about drinking it yet. I will have to read more about it.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Maria (San Francisco, California) on 10/30/2008
1 out of 5 stars

After the dermatitis cleared up the ACV seemed to make it worse. I gave up all the doctor's medication and I also stopped all the self treatment because I was lookin really bad and it hurt by this point. After a lot of thinking I decided to find a really good dermatologist and see what happens. I did find a really well known doctor and the day I saw him I gave him a little resumee of my condition and symptoms for the last 6 yers. After taking a sample to the lab he said that it is actually an ATOPIC DERMATITIS meaning ECZEMA. He also said he found a type of bacteria that usualy lives on the human body anyway but it was more concentrated where my iritation and lesions were. He gave me low dose cortison creams and he said that in order to have a normal life I would have to use this as minimal as I can for a long time. He also said that for some people it goes away on it's own and for others it never cures. So I decided to have a normal life without living in a glass globe. I am better now then I was on the natural self treatment. I even did a liver cleanse and a Candida cleanse but no change. Now I am using the steroids and I have started to use make up again. I feel ok and if I put the creams on when I feel an out break I have no issues. My advice is that you must really find out what kind of condition you relly have without guessing on your own. If none of the natural treatments work do not give up and find a good doctor. I have not heard of people dieing because of some medicated creams. I was more stressed when I was trying to buy all the organic natural miracle cures. I am convinced that the natural plants have many good healthy uses and I am still buying some of them. I still use organic creams and cosmetics. Now that I have my eczema under controll I am not stressed out anymore. I hope my feed back helps. I think this site is extremly helpfull for many people. I will continue reading all the testemonies.

Replied by Nan
(Atlanta, GA)

Susan- I am not using my normal moisturizer or toner. The esthetician recommended and sold me a cleanser and a moisturizer which seems to be helping as well as the ACV. She did recommend a sunblock moisturizer which actually seemed to make it worse so I'm not using the sunblock. The moisturizer is a Neova product. I am also using a perfect finish toner from Neova that you spray on your face before the moisturizer to give added hydration. I spray this on throughout the day if I feel my face is getting dry.

Replied by Susan
(From New York, to Virginia)

Marian: Sorry for the delay in response. I just now came back to this site. I honestly believe that PD is a result of using harsh face products over the years. I had always been a product whore, you name it I've tried it. I had spent so much money buying and trying products not because I needed them at the time but because I loved trying new things that were on the market. At one time I actually got paid to try products and give my opinion. Now that's not me, my face can't handle it.

Keep in mind that everyone's skin is different even the one's with PD. My skin can't handle any SLS whether it's a shampoo or hand wash, it doesn't matter I can't use it. I'll tell you what I use but that doesn't mean it will work best for you. It took me 7-years to figure out what works for me. I use Dr. Bronner's Baby Mild Liquid Soap to wash my face with. I can't use toners because I have an adverse reaction. I use California Baby Calendula Cream on my face; you can use it all over it will not irritate the skin. On occasion if my PD is a little dry I use Karite Gold Shea Butter for PD, a little goes a long way, one tub will last two years (keep that in mind- good for dry skin). Balmex Diaper Cream is also nice on PD.

Apple Cider Vinegar organic undistilled works best for me because I have a lot of natural oils in my face, and ACV is more drying then the other options. I never put it on in excess or rub the skin vigorously. ACV is natural however it does have side effects. If it burns on your skin you should water it down. Anytime the skin is burning it's telling you it's too much. I only put it on in the morning and at night just a dab with a q-tip. If you plan on ingesting it remember there are side effects. ACV is known to wear enamel off of teeth and if ingested on a regular basis it is known to cause esophagus problems. I only ingest it if I'm having a serious outbreak of PD, one tabl. with apple juice and honey. Don't chug it, drink slowly, and use a straw to keep it off the teeth. Never sacrifice your overall health for your skin, be smart and don't let PD run your life!

If you have any questions let me know I will try and come back here regularly. In regards to yogurt and the other things you mentioned I have never used them so I can't give you an opinion. I can say that I know some people who use grapefruit seed extract (5-drops in water as well as on the face morning and night) and it has worked for them.

I just moved from NY if I was still there we could talk about this over tea :) Anyways Best of luck!

Replied by Jonna
(Stuart, FL)

While reading comments, I came across a potential irritant. A few people have written that they can't use SLS, and I'm wondering what they are referring to.

EC: SLS = Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (an ingredient found in most shampoos, soaps, and toothpastes).

Replied by Shaz
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

To Susan from NY- I suffer from POD and from sinus problems so I was very interested to hear that their may be a link between the two problems. I am going to try the ACV on my face first and then see if I can bear to drink it and see if it helps with the sinus problems too.

Replied by Kitty
(Melbourne, Australia)

My first post here - hope this goes ok. It would seem that I've had PD for quite some time, like years and no doctor was able to tell me what it was! I've had several severe breakouts of it and went to my doctor each time but he wasn't able to help. I've seen dermatologists and skin specialists too - and finally I started researching and realised it was dermatitis! And yes I've had sinus problems all along too! I even once asked my doctor if I needed to have surgery on my sinuses! I take Iodine but if I run out or forget to take it I seem to get bad flare-ups of dermatitis and my sinuses get worse.

I've used ACV in the past internally and externally and I will just remind people that find that it burns or gives them a rash or the like that you do need to dilute it!

One of the biggest problems I've had for years is washing my face! It would leave my face a red, painful, irritated, peeling and burning mess! The water here in Melbourne is heavily chlorinated and fluoridated (thank-you water company that must be in cahoots with the dermatologists! ) and it drives my skin insane! I've had some success putting a water filter on my bathroom basin and only washing my face with that. But my body is driven crazy with itching from showering in the stuff!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Elijah (Bay Shore, US) on 10/18/2008

Hi my name is Elijah and I have a question. I have dermatitis in my left hand for eleven years now. I have the apple cider vinegar for a different problem I am having with my appearance. My question is how do I apply it to my hand for best result, and being that I have had this disease this long can I expect to see results.

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
509 posts

To Elijah from Bay Shore: Hello Elijah, I just use my apple cider straight from the bottle for problems like this. Just sop a washcloth with it and make sure you get it all over the hand at least 3 or 4 times a day. If you don't notice a difference after a week or so you might add using it after every handwashing, as this washes the vinegar off each time. I would just let that hand air dry instead of wiping dry after applying the apple cider vinegar. You didn't mention whether this is a "weepy" rash or a dry one. If dry, use the vinegar alone. If it is a weepy rash you might want to make a saturated solution of vinegar and epsom salts. Apply this with a cotton ball several times a day and let it dry on the hand. It works well on weepy rashes.

Replied by Jgmurphy
(Skokie, Il, USA)

Good luck with the apple cider vinegar, but I had a similar problem which I thought was from a cheap costume ring I had been wearing. I broke out in a horrible itchy red rash with bloody bumpy blisters. Of course I had removed the ring immediately when the itching began (who wouldn't?) but instead of disappearing as it had in the past, this time it just kept getting worse and worse and my finger swelled up so badly I could not close my hand. I tried some aloe vera which was soothing but didn't seem to do much else. Finally in desperation I bought something called tea tree oil which i had heard was a good remedy for burns and other irritations. Whaddya know---my rash started clearing up immediately---the skin dried out quite a bit but I relieved that with ordinary cortisone cream. The infection and swelling went away in a few days. The stuff is not exactly cheap ($12.50) but not that expensive considering the rapid result.

Replied by Sienna
(San Diego, Ca)

My mom had those little red mini blisters in between her fingers. Which now I am wondering if it is related to my POD and we have a genetic predisposition?? Anyway, for her the way it always cleared was putting fresh lemon juice, she would just rub the lemon on it for a few minutes, and in a few days it would disappear. For her the cause it was clearly the contact with water, too much moisture. So try to stay dry, as much as possible, of course you still need to wash hands ;) and squeeze the lemon on it. Which has me thinking maybe the lemon would work for the face too.... Thank you, by trying to answer your question I might have found a milder solution as the Vinegar irritates my skin too much :)

Replied by Michael
(Red Oak, Iowa)
5 out of 5 stars

This is my third posting about using apple cider vinegar since September, 08. Pretty right off the bat my dermatitis got 95% better. Then I went through around 3 months where patches cylced in and out on my face and scalp, but continuing to diminish. Now, I would have to say that my improvement has reached 98%. It's not perfect, but very, very good. I am so grateful for the people who run this site as well as for the fine people who contribute. This is an extremely well vetted site, with intelligent and respectful input. None of the hysterical, profane, tell-you-a-miracle-for-a-fee shysterism. Thank you again. This is internet as it is supposed to be.

FYI, I use ZNP Bar (zinc pyrithione soap bar) from Steiffel Laboratories as shampoo and face cleanser. It does a really good job of loosening and removing patches of dry skin. I then apply apple cider vinegar generously to my scalp and then blow-dry my hair. I follow this with facial application of vinegar. I quit using organic vinegar because it was just hard to get and have been using regular good quality Del Monte Apple Cider Vinegar. It seems to work at least as good as the raw organic vinegar, if not better, plus it doesn't have the raw ingredients which seem to smell more and coat my hair with gunk. My hair is silky and shiny, looks healthy, which is all to the better. A lot of gain for little cost and effort.

I think I would avoid using store brands of cider vinegar because they say that they are made of "distilled vinegar with cider flavoring"--which seems to indicate to me that it is not actually Apple Cider Vinegar per se. There is not much of a difference in price for name brand which state "contains apple cider vinegar." The raw organic vinegar costs considerably more, although nothing compared to the various and sundry bogus salves, unguents, lotions, and cortisone, steroids which I used in the past. I would not be surprised to find out that it is the acetic acid in the vinegar which is the helpful element, and not the apple cider, but I haven't been brave enough to switch to white vinegar yet. If anyone has, I would be pleased to hear about it. Thank you.

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