Home Remedies for Hair Loss

Losing your hair can be a surprise, expected, or occur early, but it's rarely desired and can be a blow to your self-image, especially for women. People normally lose 50 to 100 hairs a day without causing noticeably thinning hair, but causes of excessive hair loss can be genetics, medications, stress, aging, or medical conditions such as scalp infections or thyroid issues, the latter of which are common origins of hair loss in women.

Depending on the cause, hair loss can be sudden or gradual, effecting either just the scalp or the entire body; fortunately, sometimes the effects can be temporary rather than a pattern of permanent hair loss. Emotional shock and stress can actually cause hair to loosen and get tugged out through combing.

Find a Natural Treatment for Hair Loss

On this page you can find user-submitted home and natural remedies to combat hair loss. Some of our more popular cures are apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, and manganese sulfate from our super-poster Ted. Let us know what you try from Earth Clinic to cure your hair loss. Know of a remedy not yet listed here? Please don't hesitate to share your story with us. Don't forget to mention whether you are male or female in your post, please!

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List of Remedies for Hair Loss