EMF Protection

Modified on Feb 06, 2024

EMF Side Effects

Electric appliances as well as several other household products emit low grade electromagnetic fields or EMFs. As these fields compound and layer, the result is a condense cloud of harmful, even toxic radiation. As such, the kitchen of a home is often considered a “hotspot” for EMFs; however, all of the rooms in a house are affected.

This heightened exposure to electromagnetic radiation via household products, power lines, and other electrical devices has toxic effects on the body and overall health. Initially, EMFs stresses the pineal gland, which controls the hormonal balance in the body. As the pineal gland is affected, it makes an individual more susceptible to environmental sensitivity. This issue has an effect on sleeping habits, emotional health, and cognitive ability. Likewise, individuals highly effected experience chemical sensitivities or environmental illnesses such as chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia. Increased stress levels are also associated with EMFs, causing headache, muscle pain, chest pain, anxiety, restlessness, stomach upset, change in sex drive, lack of focus and motivation, and depression. Especially high EMFs can even be linked to brain tumors and chronic diseases including cancer.

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