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Greenlllll (Columbia, Sc) on 05/02/2014:
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Yea for Earthing, and camping out.

First of all, I've poured through this site over many years, making many contributions and trying to get to the root cause of my mysterious pains. I'm now happy to say, that I've finally figured it all out, but now that I know, I am unable to share the entirety of that root cause, for the same reason I was unable to find out the info in the first place.

So, I'm just going to list the things that have worked for me the most to overcome the headaches around the eyes, sore throat, hairloss, dust allergies, mold allergies, lip-sores & sores all over the inside of the mouth, voice loss, flu..., in order:

Living in the woods, away from people, which, unfortunately may involve tresspassing, which I dislike and cannot recommend.

Camping in a national forest, FAR away from people, not at an official camp-site. I found a place where I could pull off the road and parked at this small offroad strip for 3 weeks. Some reserves allow campers for 3 weeks, and some only 2 weeks. At the very last day, when I arrived back to my truck, I found a bright orange sticker about 1' x 1' that was impossible to get off my window, telling me to be gone that day or get towed.

The reason camping out works is because 1 you're grounded, and 2 you're away from people. Don't ask.

So 1st thing is avoidance of EMF sources.

When you cannot help but be around EM sources, wear polarized sunglasses. Keep the car windows up, even though your A/C doesn't work. Keep your mouth closed & lips pursed. Mucus membranes are vulnerable. Eyes are the most vulnerable to EMFs.

You will crave iced tea, chocolate, and oranges. Try not to drink iced-tea & chocolate around EMFs. Oxalic acid makes you more vulnerable. Do eat oranges and take citric acid before being exposed to EMFs to purge your body of oxalic acid. Read up on Col Joe for more on that, but he only offers part of what you need to know.

The PC program Audible Cropcircle may help, if you're clever.

EM meters might be useful, but can also be a double-edged sword. Beware of false positives...

Of course, you've probably figured out that hot baths can help with the headaches quickly, but not always.

Trader Joes sells this Eye-support supplement which helps with the eye-headaches tremendously. Get this in case of emergencies. It's cheap and tastes great only when you have an eye-headache. If you don't have an eye-headache it tastes so-so.

Earthing works, & so does shielding, but Earthing is cheaper, but it only truly works if you can get to a true ground, and that's the tricky part if you're stuck on the 2nd floor of your apartment.

Try to stay earthed. You're safest when you're furthest away from all people. It can be lonely. I know! I live on a boat. I'm lonely as heck. Trust No One.

Do sungazing correctly. It helps ballance emotions & deal w/ lonliness.

When you get a good EMF detetor, one that's not hacked, it can help you figure out what's really going on, but this world is a grand deception. Best of luck. If you're a Baha'i, or true believer of any faith, read the sacred word at least twice a day, especially when things get anxious & tense. Read it out loud.

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