Aquarium Tank for EMF

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Camur (Ireland) on 11/14/2013:
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An aquarium of water in a room is not a protection against electromagnetic radiation. Unless you are fully immersed in the aquarium yourself most or all of the time, then this method will not block out EMFs from your room, home or body.The only proven way to really prevent your body absorbing the seriously damaging microwave and EMF radiation in your home is to not let it in - limit mobile phone use, change wifi to wired connections, replace cordless phone and wireless baby monitors with corded, turn off mobiles and night and keep out of bedrooms, keep room as clear of electrics as possible, ie clock radio, electric blanket. These are all easy to do, however, keeping EMFs from outside coming in is not as easy. eg phone masts, smart meters, neighbours' wifi etc. In many cases people have had to shield their homes with specialist paint to block out EMFs, which can be effective if carried out properly, and sleep under EMF shielding canopies which also helps some people. I know because this is what I have had to do. Illnesses from the increasing wireless technology and electromagnetic radiation from pylons, windfarms etc are growing at a alarming rate. Everybody needs to know this, whether they feel it or not, we are all at risk from health effects.

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James (Melbourne, Australia) on 02/25/2013:
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Hello, I just have a suggestion that I think would help others about protection from EMF and microwave radiation. I believe a good size aquarium of at least 50 gal in your room will help a lot in absorbing harmful microwave energy. I haven't done experiments on this to really prove that it works but you can try it. This youtube link might convince you:
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