Remedies for Spinal Cord Injuries

Modified on Feb 06, 2023

Spinal cord injuries vary greatly and are characterized by damage to the spinal cord or nerves. As these types of injuries often cause permanent damage to the nerves and result in limited muscle function, treatment focuses on regaining nerve sensation and muscle movement. Treatment varies, but several supplements are effective for stimulating the nerves.

What are Spinal Cord Injuries?

Described as damage to any part of the spinal cord or the nerves associated with the spine, a spinal injury generally causes problems with strength, sensation and muscle function. The condition may involve partial or complete loss of motor function and result in some level of paralysis.

Natural Treatments for Traumatic Spine Injuries

Treatments for spine injuries center on stimulating the nervous system and regaining muscle function. While damage can often not be reversed, several natural treatments enhance the function of the nerve cells and offer individuals at least limited sensation. Cayenne pepper, DMSO and turmeric are among the most effective natural treatment options.

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    List of Remedies for Spinal Cord Injury