Supplements for Spinal Cord Injury

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Tom Thornburg (Arkansas) on 11/04/2016:
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I'm a 68 yr. old disabled combat veteran of Vietnam. I've had numerous back injuries over the decades starting in 1967 and an enemy anti-tank mine and in '68 two helicopter crashes. I retired in 2002 after 10 years as a working Rancher / Cowboy. In 2011 the VA gave me a 120cc steroid injection for a painful bulging L-4 disc. They missed and injected directly into the bulging exploded into fragments resulting in Caudal Equina Symptom. I was not expected to every walk again. It took me 16 months to gradually get back on my feet.

In Oct. 2011 I was broadsided by an SUV and that damaged my T-9 disc. T-9 follows the dermatome pathway from T-9 around your rib cage at the bottom all the way to the front of your rib cage. The pain is pretty bad just under the lower last rib on the right side.

I ordered a Dermatome Chart from its a plastic coated Medical Chart that shows you the nerve pathway of every spinal nerve from the spine to its conclusion. L-4 damage travels from the source down the Butt, across the right side of the thigh to the knee. After that it runs along the right side of the shin down to the ankle where it crosses to the inner arch to the big toe. This pathway is usually numb and subject to spasms and intense cramping.

Therefore we tend to treat the area of "symptom"... not the area of "origin".

I use a combination of Magnesium, Turmeric, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Benfotiamine, Vitamin B-12 complex and B-12 injectable and supplements of B-2 and B-6.

This one dose stops the pain from muscle spasms for up to 5 days. After 3 months its now up to 2 weeks. I'm going to begin adding DMSO with herbal "Helichrysum essential oil". I believe the last two will lead from "treatment" to "cure".

No one but you will take the needed time and effort to research a cure for your medical problems. Be proactive, this is the only body you will ever have... don't leave it care solely up to others.

The Internet has over 20 billion pieces of information from centuries of research. The answers is there, you just have to find it....because no one else will.

I'm also thinking that 100% pure pharmaceutical Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 30%, diluted 2/3rds with distilled water and applied with DMSO has potential too.

DMSO with "Helichrysum essential oil" has been found to be very effective in healing stubborn skin ulcers from Diabetes. These are the beginnings of losing limbs.

Research is showing that combining DMSO with "Helichrysum essential oil" applied directly to the wound aids in rapid healing. Its even effective on wounds which have rejected all FDA approved prior treatments.

I hope this is helpful.


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