DMSO for Spinal Cord Injury

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Frank (Chicago, illinois ) on 06/08/2014:
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I suffered a SCI in August 2012, when driver of car fell asleep at wheel and rolled us. C6/C7 Quad AsiaC Incomplete. I found out about DMSO about 2 months ago. I did extensive research, including finding out the creator Dr Jacob was still alive retired in Oregon and his nurse Rita still works one day a week on Wed for 4 hours. I personally talked to her and told her my situation. She suggested I take liquid form 2x day and gel 2x a day.

I have gel rubbed on my neck above my injury, palms of my hands, and soles of feet. I started taking on 5/14/14. I take half the meds I use to now. Full disclosure, I also been taking Jusuru since 2/21/14 because it has hylauronic acid which I found out helps nerve regeneration. After 10 days of taking 4oz 2x a day, my nerves started burning and activating. Once I added DMSO my nerves are constantly activating and tingling/ burning. Burning is mostly day after I do extensive therapy. My regiment is as follows: MWF therapy, Jusuru/DMSO 2x a day, accupuncture Th/Sat. On 6/2/14 I walked 50ft with my trainer and no equipment help. I believe it's a combination of everything I was doing, taking, and staying consistent. No magic pill or formula, just a lot of research, hard work, being consistent, and able to deal with nerve burning regenerating. and

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Kathy (Morrice, MI) on 02/26/2008:
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My cat broke her back 10 weeks ago and hasn't walked since. Her spinal cord was not severed but only had limited use of one back leg. I rubbed DMSO mixed with aloe vera 3 times daily and within 3 days, the leg with no nerve responses started twitching and she started moving it. On the 4th day, she stood up twice. Still not walking but getting more use of both legs and making progress. I don't believe it was coincidence. I started rubbing on peroxide over back today to oxygenate her system and help with regeneration. DMSO is miraculous and FDA should not stop it's use.
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