Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.

How Outdoor Carbon Monoxide Can Cause Strokes and Heart Attacks

Have you ever been outside jogging or walking and passed by a vehicle that was idling? You might not have known that the vehicle was emitting carbon monoxide from its tailpipe, and if it was an older car or had a leak in the exhaust system, the concentration of carbon monoxide could have been quite high.

The problem with carbon monoxide poisoning is that its symptoms can appear immediately, 15 minutes later, or even days later. This makes it difficult for people to connect their symptoms with exposure to carbon monoxide from a passing vehicle, especially if it's an older car or the weather is calm.

It's not just vehicles that emit carbon monoxide - any gasoline-driven motor running or idling, such as generators, motor boats, lawnmowers, and leaf blowers, can also produce carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is present if you can smell the exhaust from an engine.

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List of Remedies for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning