Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Danger

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Michael (New Zealand) on 07/10/2022:
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This newspaper article draws attention to the danger of Carbon Monoxide poisoning in mountain huts, where climbers / trampers are naturally very keen to get warm, especially in the winter. Some go to sleep and never wake up!

Several people have unfortunately died from CO poisoning in alpine huts in New Zealand over the years! It is one of many aspects of Mountain Safety that people should acquaint themselves with prior to venturing out into the "Great Outdoors".

That stove in the corner of that welcoming hut is not always your friend!

Have I shocked you - I hope so!

I looked into my old tramping guide book from the 'seventies and could find no reference to CO poisoning in the index of an otherwise excellent book. The other knowledge contained therein must surely have saved my life on more than one occasion, that is the measure of the value of such knowledge.

The above tragedy happened to a guy who was probably well versed in the mountains, so it should serve as a cautionary tale to all those setting out for the first time into the Wilderness, as well as those of us who think they have "Read the Book"!!

Joining a tramping/skiing/climbing club is invaluable if you are prepared to listen to other more experienced members, who are usually very happy to share their experience and knowledge (O.K. even brag about it -still useful to know!). Clubs often organize safety courses of one sort or another too. Attend those courses and listen and learn. Leaders need to know all of this safety stuff especially well of course! Being a club member can be fun and enjoyable too!

CO is an insidious gas because it can sometimes go undetected !!!

Cheers from Down Under (Where the mountains are pretty cold right now!)

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