Carbon Monoxide Poisoning From Generators

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Deirdre (Earth Clinic) on 07/08/2022:
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This is a warning post to everyone who hasn't read my 2021 article on carbon monoxide poisoning to please be careful any time you use a generator, lawn mower, or basically any gasoline-powered engine. I am moving soon and was just outside the garage door selling a new gas and electric powered generator to someone. He turned it on to make sure it worked before carting it away and it spewed a TON of exhaust into the air when it kicked on. He kept it on no longer than about a minute. However, the exhaust/carbon monoxide went into the garage, and when I went upstairs into the kitchen a few minutes later, discovered the whole kitchen reeking of exhaust. When you smell gasoline exhaust, you are inhaling some level of carbon monoxide.

I took the dog for a walk and 20 minutes later the kitchen (!) still reeked of exhaust. That's when I pulled out my handy little carbon monoxide reader and found that carbon monoxide was spiked in the kitchen. Also in the garage, slightly more so.

Please remember that the smallest amount of carbon monoxide can cause brain and heart damage. I did a lot of research on this when I wrote the article and I feel very strongly it's the most underreported cause of heart attacks and strokes, despite being heavily studied in the auto industry for many decades.

I used an electric leaf blower to blast the carbon monoxide out of the garage and my meter went back to 0 quickly. (No, did not use the blower in my kitchen!) That is one of the fastest ways you can clear toxic gas. Opening the windows and doors takes a lot longer.

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