Apricot Seeds for Cancer

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Thomas Mcnicholas (Phoenix AZ) on 03/22/2023:
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Hi George, are there any adverse effects of taking apricot seeds when you don’t have cancer? Can I take them as a precaution?

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George (Michigan) on 04/30/2022:
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I sprinkle 12 apricot seeds on my cereal for breakfast and another 12 on my salad at lunch. They just add a little crunch to my food and I don't even taste the bitterness. I've been eating 24 seeds a day for over 6 years and my prostate cancer has shrunk to nothing. I keep eating them to prevent cancer.
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Marianne (Ontario) on 02/07/2022:
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Hi Gary -

I tried this for my Husband's bladder cancer - did NOT work!!!

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Roxanne (Michigan) on 01/16/2022:
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I just throw them in my mouth and chew them up. Then drink lots of water, because they don't taste that great!

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Gary (Kitchener On) on 01/01/2022:
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Hi Betty,

I just eat the apricot seeds like peanuts. Usually 6-8 seeds twice a day. I go through 1 bag, stop for 1 week then buy another bag. They really work, got rid of my bladder cancer..

Take care


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James Lee (Malaysia) on 10/01/2021:
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Apricot seeds have to be raw and bitter. Does not work for everybody.
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Peola (Houston ) on 04/12/2021:
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Take apricot seeds and stop eating sugar and carbs. Cured my stomach, pancreas, gallbladder, liver, and breast cancer.

Do a sway test to see how many raw apricot seeds you should take and how frequently during the day.

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Steve (London, Uk) on 05/31/2018:
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I feel there is a lot of inaccuracies on above post.

Apricot kernels can indeed kill cancer cells but it cannot be any kind you will need the ‘bitter” and not the sweet variety. Best ones are the Hunza which are grown in Himalayas. “Google Hunza shangrila”

Every fruit seeds/kernels are cynagenic which is indeed cynide, but this is in very small amounts, and this is what kills cancer microbes and the reason why there is a myth re cynide poisoning. And reason why they were/are forbidden in some countries.

Google "Jason vale sent to prison for selling apricot seeds”

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Louise H (Utah) on 11/06/2015:
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It's surprising that there is so much controversy about apricot seeds. When I was a little girl growing up on my grandparent's farm, we couldn't wait until the apricots were ripe so we could eat the nuts (seeds?) We would put them on the concrete steps and hammer them open to get to the succulent sweet nuts inside. They tasted like almonds. I'm sure that the reason they are bitter now is because of all the pesticides that farmers use. We always ate all we wanted. There was never any worry about eating too many. My grandmother would even add them to her jars of canned apricots and other fruits. When I started eating them I was about 4 years old.

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Tony (Tn, Usa) on 03/05/2014:
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Apricot Seeds for Cancer

If you buy the brand name Apricot Power from either Amazon or their own website these are softer kernels and can be eaten rather easily instead of being ground up. I say this unless you have a mouth/teeth problem that makes it harder for you to chew. These are also non-GMO kernels as well.

God Bless and good health to you!

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