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Request for Bill and Art

Baldev (Mumbai Maharashtra India) on 04/15/2022


Art, thanks a lot for giving the number of Dr. Neel.

I am interested in getting your and Bill's number. I am very much impressed by your openness and research you do and the way you take up the questions of the members of Earth Clinc family, so does Bill also, of course he is quiet these days but he too answers very quickly. I do miss Ted a lot he was full of information on any health problem, I have gained a lot from Earth Clinic and have shared the knowledge gained with friends and other people who need help, which has helped them.

I am 83+ years healthy ( because of Earth Clinic) young man on no medication but have become lazy to write the mail because of slow typing, so I thought if I have these two numbers then if I am in trouble I can ask the advice. If it is not too much of an asking and ofcourse if Earth Clinic has no objection then kindly oblige. This request is for both of you.

Thanks and God bless us all.


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Notifications to Posted Questions

Liz (Arizona) on 04/11/2022

I have been submitting questions since 2015 to other's posts but for whatever reason, I don't ever get a reply or at least a notification via email when someone responds. I don't see a setting option to click on to be notified. I just assumed it would be automatic. Can someone help me to understand how to receive email or notifications when someone responds to my questions?
EC: Hi Liz,

You must be logged in to see the checkbox and text in red to be notified when someone replies to your post.


Can't Find Article

Mary Lou (Louisville, KY) on 03/20/2022

Where can I find this article? The link doesn't work.

The Iodine Protocol with Companion Nutrients - Dosage

EC: Bill Thompson's protocol? Check this page:

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About EC

Charity (faithville, Us) on 03/04/2022
5 out of 5 stars

I would like to say about Earth Clinic is, that it's like sitting in a chair waiting for your doctor visit for hours, and all the people you chat with and share insights with. You may not have a lot of insight, but you have a problem in common and that makes you part of a community. I am an overcomer, and you can't overcome unless you have a problem. Problems are opportunities, even the impossible ones, I have those, but I have faith. I did not feel smart most of my life but struggled a lot and my words are not very smart, but I try to share, just as I try to learn and recover. Love is the best cure for everything. Today is March 4forth, so I say to you, take back some land. Spread some love around. Perfect love cast out the stuff you don't want. Blessings, charity
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The DSHEA Act and FDA rules

Merry Nutrition (Greenville, MI) on 02/05/2022

Please remove the word cure from your website. Are you really trying to hurt yourself and the natural supplement industry? It is against FDA rules to call anything natural a cure. This is why there is a disclaimer on vitamin bottles. "This product has not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease". Natural products may benefit or support but NOT CURE. There may be 20 vitamins and minerals that are allowed to make a health claim. We are having a bad time right now with the FDA. They want to make supplements go through the EXPENSIVE drug evaluations.They are abusing the DSHEA Act of 1994. This was passed after a year long letter writing campaign to Congress and the FDA. They are trying to make Homeopathic products into drugs in spite of a 90 year old waiver and the fact that they are non toxic. Former FDA Commissioner Dr. David Kessler even refuse to establish the GMP guidelines required by the DSHEA while he was in office. The current FDA just approved a health claim for magnesium being good for lowering blood pressure but then turned around and said more research was needed to confirm the statement. They have been known to go to a company and remove a complete inventory. They took all of the CoQ10 from the Whole Foods company stores in Texas in the mid 90's and never returned it.

MLK Day - A Story From ORH

ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 01/18/2022
5 out of 5 stars

HI U OLE PATOOTS, ORH here, and yesterday was MLK day, and I forgot. All know his legend, so let me tell you my story. Back in 1984 I worked for Hammermill Paper Company in Selma, Al., and a fellow employee had some land for sale near Marion Junction, Al. I tried to follow his directions but SJS, so I got lost. Soon it was dark and I was hungry so I stopped at a rural store to go buy me a coke and a Snicker bar. It was a Colored store and an elderly couple ran the store. I got my coke and candy and explained my plight. They could not help, but wanted to know where I lived. When I said Selma, his wife became alive and explained that she had an operation in Selma. I ended up talking to them for almost 2 hours. We related and enjoyed each others company.

I left and told a friend of my experience the next day at work. He told me that that was the Scott family, whose daughter was Coretta Scott King, MLK's wife. Few have had life's experiences that I have. Some say I should write a book, but too much water under the bridge for that. I remember that MLK said it was not the color of your skin, but the content of your character. True 60+ years ago and true today. ====ORH====

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Off-Putting Message for Website

Denise (California) on 12/04/2021

A few people have mentioned the website When I enter the URL, this is the message I see...

Your connection is not private
Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). Learn more

It gives you an option to "go back to safety"
Anyone know what's going on with this message?

Thank you, Denise

EC: It means their annual security certificate expired and they probably don't even know... so the site won't redirect to https.

We used to have the same issue on EC. Very simple and fast fix. Someone who participates on that forum should let the moderators know asap.

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Retired Pharmacist Helping at the Farm

ORH (TEN MILE) on 09/18/2021

HI U OLE PATOOTS, ORH here and we have a retired pharmacist that works with us on our farm every Sat. She puts on her jeans and gets dirty just like we do. She does it to get healthy veggies from our garden. That is just the way she is. She is a NC U graduate but has disowned them with the Covid thing. They started this crap. She is a delight for me because she is such a green horn. Today, I ask her to show me her neck. She did and I said, " IT AIN'T RED YET", but I's working on it. She finally has my number and we are going to Polk County in April to eat Ramps. We a little different in that she only eats grass fed beef. Me.... I want lots of fat in my meat. We don't eat that much meat. She and my Tractor Driver work well together. Today we took down our electric fence around our corn and melons. Folks quit gardening because of critters. You must have an electric fence to have corn or melons. The difference in today and our ancestors..... is they had to eat these critters to live. That will soon happen again when the SHTF. Promise you that you will eat coons and opossums before your life is over.....if you want to live. ====ORH====
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Info on Mercola's Site That Will Be Deleted Tomorrow

Tessa (Okanagan) on 09/16/2021

This article will be deleted on Mercola?s website some time tomorrow
(September 17, 2021) so read it as soon as you can.

Nasal Irrigation May Help Prevent COVID Hospitalizations

The article contains videos on how to nebulize hydrogen peroxide.

Click on ?Sources and References? at the end of the article (before the comments) ? some of his videos are on Bitchute so you can access the videos there as well.

The following is from Dr. Mercola?s blog (August 26, 2021) so it remains up:

Could a Simple Nasal Spray Be the Answer to COVID-19?

Read the comments after the article. It?s always good to know what other people do to stay healthy. Some people have had great success with Xlear nasal spray.

There are recipes on the Internet if you want to make your own - just search for diy xlear nasal spray.

Take care,


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Wondering About Tools to Monitor Health

Uncertain (LA) on 08/30/2021

Tools to monitor health.

What do you use? What do you think is the most reliable? Do you know of any other options?

There are all kinds of apps and devices available to monitor one?s health. I am researching these options right now. One of my doctors recommended the KARDIAMOBILE app. There is the FITBIT, GARMIN, and the APPLE WATCH. There are different tests available you can order for various issues, INSIDE TRACKER, TOOLBOX GENOMICS, VIOME and various Food Sensitivity tests.


Salt Box

ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 08/16/2021
5 out of 5 stars

HI U OLE PATOOTS, ORH here and I want to put a bug in your ear. Our ancestors used a salt box to keep pork and it required no electricity. It's a survival thing. So if you live on an Island that has free energy then go to the next post, because you don't need my advice. What I am doing is taking old ice chest and putting in a salt cured hog hind quarter and covering it with salt. There is a procedure to get most of the salt out when you decide to eat it. I am having a ball researching what our country ancestors did to survive before electricity. Most were skin and bones, but healthy as a race horse. You could see every rib. Diet was not in their vocabulary. Yep, most died early because they were kicked in the head by a plow mule. They did not die of the garbage we eat these days. They died instantly and we die slowly over decades. Tractor Driver is cutting up the last of our watermelons and cantaloups. Time to get our fall and winter garden planted. Dollar is going to zero so suggest you buy a small plot of ground that you can grow some veggies when times get hard. Just remember, you have to get off your sorry ass to grow a garden. That gives you an out. You have a back problem. Belly is too big. ====ORH====
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EC members exchange email addresses?

Joseph (Stockton) on 08/03/2021

Deirdre @ EC, is it true we can now exchange email addresses?

Complaints to TN State Regarding Creek Responded To

ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 08/04/2021
5 out of 5 stars

HI U OLE PATOOTS, ORH here and am thrilled that the Governor is responding to my complaint of a Fla commercial agri firm that is contaminating our spring fed Sewee Creek. These folks are renting land in Meigs county to raise peppers and pumping out of Sewee Creek for irrigation and turning a beautiful, clear spring fed creek into a mud hole by not taking care of the irrigation runoff. I am not against this, except they are not doing what any house builder would have to do. Take care of the problem you create. The mud gets into my spring and fouls my irrigation tapes. I do not pick and choose. I take on all who need taking on. This may go nowhere, but I bet I get results. What you bet?


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Veteran Department Concerned After 53 Years

ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 08/02/2021
5 out of 5 stars

HI U OLE PATOOTS, ORH here, and just got a letter from the Veterans Affairs Department about my health. Went into the Army in April '61 active duty and served 18 months. Then served in Reserves until April '69. Have not heard from them in 53 years and today got a letter where they are concerned about my health. If I have not gotten the Covid Jab, then they will do that. If I already have the jab then please notify them so they can get my records right. I just raised my right hand with the bird perch leading the way. That is about a PC as ORH can be, as all on EC know.

My mother, which I always called Aunt Edith, told me that I was born at night. But it was not last night. Boys and Girls, the excitement is about to begin. Laugh if you want, but all this is about the end of times. We are now at Good vs Evil and I want to hang around to see the end. If a health site is not the place for this conversation, then where do you suggest?

==== ORH ====

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Googling Simple Questions and Getting Replies

Joseph (Stockton, CA) on 07/28/2021
5 out of 5 stars

This is just a comment that may help some people regarding question(s) they may have. I read that a member was asking where to purchase Castor oil. All anyone has to do is Google their question or use yahoo and enter any question: where can I purchase castor oil. (Type in your zip code) that?s it. How far away is the moon? What country has world's most Beautiful Women? How can I make extra money? That?s all you have to do.
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Love as a Healing Method

HisJewel (North Carolina) on 06/27/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Positive thoughts and actions to heal hurts,

You may have heard that a merry heart or a good laugh is like a medicine, it can heal. I want to tip you that showing love or that you care can give life too.

Some people give up on life because the love they gave was not returned. I want to encourage you to take that good that you wanted to pour out on that individual and love a hurting world of people back to health.

You have heard that hurt people, hurt people, I want to add that sometimes hurt people hurt themselves too.

We have to make up our minds not to say negative words about ourselves or others.

We must realize how important our love, wisdom, and smiles are to others.

When I was young I remembered feeling rejected by a group I wanted to be a part of.

The hurt was so bad I would actually go down a list of who nobody loves you were. My thoughts would say, your mama doesn't love you, your daddy don't love you, your sisters don't love you, your brother doesn't love you. Then one day I added God doesn't even love. That ended that it, the Lord spoke to my heart to say, Never say that again, because he has proven his love by sending his Son.

I said all that to say stop repeating negative words about you. What you say about you should give life and energy to you.

You are beautiful!

You are so lovable,

You are so kind,

You always think of others,

I love your smile, it makes me want to smile.

The world needs more people like you.


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Dark Chocolate Syndrome

Michael (New Zealand) on 06/21/2021

Hello Everyone,

Folks, I think I need your help on this one please!!

Has anyone done a Doctoral Thesis or PhD (or had personal experience) of the following condition:-

I have heard that dark chocolate (as distinct from milk chocolate with a bit more sugar in it), can cause headaches/migraines - sometimes bad ones. But that is not my present concern. By the way, I prefer the slightly bitter taste of the darker variety (but NOT the really strong, cocoa-content type).

Could the dark chocolate also cause muscle spasms / pain / stiffness as well as joint pain / stiffness / tendonitis etc?

Supposing one were to over-indulge by consuming a whole, thin bar of dark chocolate - what could be the consequences? Also, what are the factors at work - intestines, liver, kidney reactions etc - if known?

It is just that we have recently been hearing of the benefits of dark chocolate for one's health and I am wondering how much is too much and the bad consequences that are possible from over-indulging?

Everybody with a story to tell is encouraged to reply please!

Thanks a lot.

Michael from Down Under

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ORH Update - Torna

ORH (TEN MILE , TN) on 06/14/2021


HI U OLE PATOOTS, ORH here and I slept through it all. Ole folks sleep after they eat and that's what I did. The tornado hit about 6pm and all had their boats in the water and not on their lifts. Most all our neighbors boats sank. The blow never came down to the ground, but tore up our trees. We lost one tree at the farm and will have a year of firewood. Corn down, but will survive. Nature is a wild and strange creature. Best not mess with her. Moving older chicks to the farm tomorrow and the young ones go from the #3 tub in the bathroom to our lake pen. Got a plan to buy only cornish roosters and neuter them to Capons this fall. Story to follow. Getting ready for the coming revolution. Health is not an issue if you dead.


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Tips and Tricks

Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 06/15/2021
5 out of 5 stars

First tip is baby wipes. You can wash out baby wipes to use for castor oil packs or poultices. Wash well, but gently, rinse VERY well and hang to dry. You can even buy dry baby wipes but I'd wash them anyway.

A good castor oil trick would be to wash and dry, put them back in the dispenser, pour castor oil over them and let them soak it up. Not to dripping consistency bur just to oiled capacity. Then you'd have castor oil packs handy all the time!

And you can buy a single yard of PUL fabric - as used to make diapers - and make either waterproof bandages or even sleeves (if you get the stretchy kind) or belly binders that you could simply pull on over a pack.

Also, I would hope those who research and explore natural medicine, have been saved money, or relieved of pain or saved from disability - or who have even saved their own life - would donate to this website to help keep it up and its caretakers safe.

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Where to Find Information on Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda

Chaya (El Paso, TX ) on 06/09/2021

Hi thank you so much for your site and for the helpful information. I was reading the comments about the apple cider vinegar remedies; somewhere along there there was a comment by you, EC, to read up on your information on taking apple cider vinegar with baking soda for a proper pH balance, but I could not find where that information is posted. Would you kindly tell me where I could find that information?

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