Lugol's Iodine for Side Effects

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Robin (Woodstock Georgia) on 10/03/2023:
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I've been taking Lugols iodine for 3 weeks now. This week, my dose is 7.5 mg which equals 3 drops of 2% solution. I've been extremely regular right from the start of taking iodine. My only unpleasant side effects have been sweating more than usual and feeling sleepy some days. On those days, I do salt loading with sea salt. Yesterday, I was very hungry while waiting for dinner to cook. A friend had given me some Simply Nature Veggie & Flaxseed chips, so I ate quite a few before dinner. Nothing else about my diet was out of the ordinary. I always eat a.huge salad of spinach or kale or mixed spinach/kale. Then, today...WHAM... I got a huge case of diarrhea totally out of the blue! When I read up on flaxseed I found out it can cause diarrhea and can contribute to eliminating heavy metals because it has lots of soluble fiber. So, beware, if you're on an iodine protocol and are having a BM daily, flaxseed can send it into overdrive!
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I 4 Me And U (Great Plains, Us) on 02/27/2015:
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You could also be suffering a Herxheimer reaction from Candida die-off, which will pass, but don't stop the iodine. You may consider salt loading with unrefined salt, 1/2 tsp. in water or licked, dissolved on tongue and washed down with 8+oz of plain water. This is designed to help eliminate toxins in urine but stimulating copious urination within the hour. If it doesn't do that the first time, it is ok to repeat the procedure up to two additional tries for a total of 3 times in 12 hours, which is just precaution to prevent overloading on sodium. Drink plenty of water. Also, you could take extra Vit.C and magnesium to fight this detox episode.

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Sunitha (Atlanta, GA) on 11/11/2014:
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I have hypothyroid and Candida issues. So, I started on the Lugols Iodine protocol + Accompanying Nutrients + Alkalizing protocol suggested by Bill Thompson 4 days back. Today is day 4.

On Day 2, I noticed that my tongue was was turning a little brown. Day 3 - yesterday, I am having a little bit of throat discomfort. Today, I am having severe discomfort in the throat and cough as well.

Please suggest what needs to be done to mitigate the issues. Is it time to take a break for next 2 days or should I add something to the protocol? I am doing 2 drops of Lugols (5% - J.Crow's lugols Iodine) once a day.


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