Oscar's BHT Hepatitis Treatment

Below you will read Oscar's incredibly successful BHT Hepatitis Treatment, including exact measurements and when to take BHT during the day. Oscar also made updates to his protocol, which you will find towards the bottom of this overview.


Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 12/08/2013

I have devoted the last 16 years of my life to: The use of BHT [ butylated hydroxytoluene ] as a treatment for hepatitis C [ in all of it`s variants ] and hepatitis B also. This is the treatment, based on many years of feedback from those people who have tried this BHT treatment. This feedback includes those who have had POOR results. Those reporting POOR results are those who insist on mixing the BHT with other treatments including: MILK THISTLE, MMS, hydrogen peroxide, colloidal silver, ozone and more.

BHT Treatment

This is the treatment that has proven itself as effective for viral hepatitis, including hepatitis C and hepatitis B:

  • 100mg to 350mg of BHT taken with water on an empty stomach once or twice a day. The dosage varies for each person. Weight is an important factor in determining dosage. Fat content of a person`s body is another. Generally the more you weigh and the higher the fat content of your body the more BHT you need to effectively treat a viral infection. Many average size men have done very well with 250mg of BHT taken twice a day. If adverse side effects occur and persist, LOWER the dosage of BHT used. That is the treatment.

    Supplements that have been shown to work well with the BHT treatment are:

    1. A regular type multi-vitamin and mineral pill once a day.
    2. A regular type vitamin B complex pill.once a day.
    3. Vitamin B12 in a dosage of 1mg [ milligrams ] per day. 1mg is the same as 1, 000mcg { micrograms ].
    4. Vitamin C in a daily dosage of between 500mg and 1,000mg per day.
    5. The lipid monolaurin. Unsure about dosage.
    6. Sodium selenite in a daily dosage of 50mcg [ micrograms ].

    Also, and importantly: Continue taking any doctor prescribed medicines or drugs. Very many of the people who have had dramatic improvement with this BHT treatment are taking a doctor prescribed medicine of one type or another.

    SUPPLEMENTS TO AVOID. Do not take:

    1. Milk Thistle and it`s extracts. Degrades the treatment to the point that it no longer works.
    2. Grapefruit juice. Degrades the treatment to the point it no longer works.
    3. Colloidal silver
    4. Hydrogen peroxide taken internally. Hydrogen peroxide is a REACTIVE OXYGEN SPECIES. It will make the BHT treatment NOT work.
    5. MMS [ Miracle Mineral Supplement ]. MMS is chlorine bleach, a very powerful oxidizer that will react with BHT in such a way as to make the treatment not work.
    6. Vitamin E supplements. Yes you NEED some vitamin E. But a normal diet provides plenty. Vitamin E supplements have been shown to enhance lipid coated viruses ability to replicate and should be avoided for that reason.
    7. Any and all herbs used as a supplement including TUMERIC.
    For best result stick with those supplements I listed that have been shown to work well with the BHT treatment. Vitamin B12 is an especially good one . So is a standard vitamin B complex tablet. NO MEGADOSING with ANY vitamins.
    That is the treatment that works consistently well based on the substantial feedback available....Oscar.

    Some of our most recent success stories here:
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Also there are very many BHT stories here in the Earth Clinic`s Archives here:


and at the ailments tab under hepatitis C and B here at the EARTH CLINIC.

Please do not screw this effective treatment up by mixing it with other treatments and or supplements NOT on my short list of supplements. For your sake. This is what works. As Mike [ twodragunns ] and so many others have reported right here in this forum and elsewhere:

> > I just had a blood test (5 vials taken) and they're measuring my viral load as well as all the other measures they do. I will post the results in late June after I see my MD and get the results. To all the na sayers and crap talkers that give Oscar a hard time about the validity of this treatment, "get a life and stop with the B. S. Posts that are accusing Oscar of spreading false information about this very effective treatment". I can tell it's working Oscar because all my symptoms disappeared and it's been 4 months now and I feel great!! I'm out golfing everyday (which I thought I'd never get to do again) and I'm playing very well!? Thanks again to Oscar from the bottom of my big old heart for discovering and sharing with us all this treatment that seems to be helping very many folks that have either failed conventional tx or not wanted to do this because of the catastrophic side effects. I'm going to keep posting here about my recovery from this chronic disorder and provide my medical test results as well.

kindest regards, Mike from London, Ontario, Canada"

And follow up here from Mike:
[YEA] 06/26/2012: "Got the best news I could ever ask for today, my bloodwork results are in and I no longer have any Hep C antibodies in my blood and my liver function levels are all normal. Now this is after failing conventional therapies back in 2008 and almost losing all hope of ever clearing this dreaded virus. I feel fantastic and I have to admit that BHT absolutely cures Hep C type 1a geno types when all else fails and it does it for pennies.
Anybody that comes across this post, you owe it to yourself to try this wonderful substance that has given me and so many others back our lives after thinking all was lost!! BHT works!! Thank you once again Oscar for saving me and many others by sharing BHT therapy with the masses. Cheers! "

Many other success stories here: http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/THE_BHT_CURES_CHAT_GROUP/conversations/topics/1732

I still check in here now and then. But I really have nothing to add to all this and am no longer willing to answer questions I have already answered time and time again....Oscar


Updated by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) 01/04/2014

If BHT did help you say so and provide blood test results. If it did NOT help you do the same. Any and all progress made with this treatment is the result of feedback. This IS your chance to THANK or CURSE me with your results. If YOU chose to NOT follow the recommended treatment do not blame me or the treatment.


Updated by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) 01/24/2014

I made a BIG mistake when I recommended using vitamin B12 supplements with the BHT treatment. Each B12 molecule has 6 [ NH2 ] amino sites. Each of those 6 amino sites can and will combine with readily with a carboxyl group. When BHT is metabolized a carboxyl group is very often formed at the methyl group in a substitution reaction. This is called a peptide bond and is discussed here:


Model of vitamin B12 here:


So, yes you need some vitamin B12 but do NOT use vitamin B12 supplements with the BHT treatment for viral diseases....Oscar

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List of Remedies for Oscar's BHT Hepatitis