Vaccinations And Children for Vaccinations

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Woog (Kl, Malaysia) on 08/07/2009
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My kids are still young. I guess I will worry about school when time comes. I may opt to homeschool my kids. I can't publicly tell you my other option but u can email me if u really wanna know.

If you look up websites recommended in Earthclinic, you can find that in US, you have a lot of ways to handle the issue of vaccination and school enrolment. Pretty easy and convenient. You can also try to contact ppl from those websites.

Health is more important. Find a school that will accept your unvax kids. I rather haf the inconvenience of homeschooling them then to have to take care of them my whole life should they be damaged by vaccines. I haf seen damaged done but docs will never say it's from vax.

If they are no longer able to take care of themselves, how are they gonna learn in the first place. At anytime, I rather have a not-so-smart kids than have kids who are not even able to take care of their own basic needs like bathing, eating, etc.

Being in the US, you have great homeschooling materials. Here, it is not that widely accepted and materials are not all that cheap or available. SO you have an advantage.

Weigh your choices. Good Luck!