Vaccination Discussion Board

Modified on May 29, 2023 | Earth Clinic Team

Children and adults alike occasionally need vaccinations, booster shots, or inoculations against various childhood ailments, the flu, or other infectious agents that can cause disease. Particularly children with undeveloped immune systems, but also the elderly and the immune-compromised may need vaccinations to prevent infections their bodies could not otherwise handle.

However, some vaccinations are more important than others, and all inoculations carry some degree of risk. How do you know which shots you or your child should be getting?

Well, aside from government regulations, your doctor's advice, and standard vaccination schedules you can also trust the voice of experience here in the Earth Clinic community. Check out the advice below on vaccination side effects, homeopathic remedies, vaccinations for children, travel vaccination advice, and more.

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List of Remedies for Vaccinations